We’re almost halfway through the year which means we’ve finally arrived in that brief but beautiful transition period between late spring and early summer.

Sitting on the edge of the sunny summer season while still being barely out of a sweet and balmy spring, these precious few weeks can feel charged with a restless sense of freedom and wanderlust – making it the perfect time to take a leap, make a drastic change, or embark on a new adventure.

If you’re looking forward to revamping your jewelry selection in time for summer, it might be time for you to channel those carefree vibes and embrace the beautiful bohemian style!

Channel your Free Spirit this Summer

The bohemian or ‘boho’ style takes a free-spirited approach to fashion with heavy inspiration from Mother Nature herself.

Commonly associated with festival fashion and with deep roots in the ‘hippie’ fashion of the 1960s, boho style is traditionally seen as feminine although its sensual and organic outlook has always had a unisex appeal.

Freedom of movement is emphasised with floaty and loose materials such as silk and satin trimmed with dramatic details such as fringes and tassels.

Mother Nature’s own awe-inspiring beauty is channelled in the form of organic patterns such as beadwork and paisley, or in outright homages through motifs like feathers, vines, or starbursts to mimic the sun’s warming rays.

When it comes to boho jewelry in particular, the bigger the better!

Huge and intricate designs are a popular cornerstone of this jewelry style, with dramatic swoops and silhouettes to bring out the artist in you. Nature references are also commonly abound, with materials such as gold, silver, semi-precious stones, or even corals adding a striking and luxurious flair while still staying earthy and grounded.

Embellish with Intricate Details

Delicate details have always been central to boho jewelry, with an emphasis on hypnotic and intricate patterns that pay tribute to the skill of the craftsman. Each of Ask & Embla’s pieces are lovingly handcrafted by our expert crafters under ethical working conditions, so no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

The bigger the better when embracing the beauty of filigree, tempering the dramatic curve of sharp angles and bold strokes with finely crafted ornamental work to bring out a softer and more sensual side.

Even the smallest, subtlest accessories like a clicker or ring can be elevated with the addition of beaded rims or dazzling cubic zirconia stones – enchanting those around you like a moth drawn to an ever-burning flame.

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Celebrate the Flourishing and Growth of Nature

Boho jewelry also frequently likes to take its cues from the natural forms already present around us.

From the undulating waves of the sea to the spiralling, twisting cords of a vine around a tree – Gaia’s power and beauty are all that’s needed to both soothe and inspire the inner fires of a creative spirit.

Honour Mother Earth with nature-inspired details like the milky, mesmerising swirls of a brilliant pearl or shell inlay; bold gold and silver tendrils that burst forth to seek the light; and feather plumages ready to take to the skies and soar.

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Stretched Ear Jewelry


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