Ask & Embla Cosmic Odyssey Flat Back Stud Set

@astralfriendd styling our Cosmic Odyssey Flat Back Stud Set with our collection of hangers.


Even if we don’t want to admit it, putting in the effort to look presentable when you’re not out to meet anybody is the last thing we want to do. Most of us run on a short social battery and finding new ways to fashion your edge can be rather challenging when all you want to do is grab a cup of coffee in the morning.

But it doesn’t have to be that way – check out our special curation of earrings to style your everyday with ease.


Zoom Meetings

There are days when all you want to do is turn your camera off during Zoom meetings, but unfortunately, that’s not always an option. In lieu of hiding behind the black box, boost your confidence by looking your best! Step up your “Zoom shirt” game and elevate your style by embellishing your ears with these beauts.

Striking the perfect balance between style and business friendly, minimalist accessories are your immediate go-to. Appear effortlessly put together with just a pair of timeless, architectural jewelry - it really is that easy.


Ask & Embla Hoop Earrings Set

 @carmenkerwer in our Frame Earrings, @isia._ in our Tria Hoop Earrings Set and @fourteenth.grave in our Vox Spear Hangers.

Grocery Run

From what used to be pure drudgery for some, grocery shopping has easily become a weekly highlight for many of us. It sure is as good of an excuse as any for us to strut down the cereal aisle decked out in a put-together outfit that screams you’ve got everything in control - the aisles are your runway, huns.

Leverage this time to be creative with your alternative jewelry! Don’t be afraid to use pieces that are bolder or more intricate in their design or texture. Even better, be brave and stack your hangers and earrings to add another layer of subtle details.


Ask & Embla Hangers

 @jentonic in our Drogon Arc Hangers, @oatmilkmakeup in our Lune Mini Moon Earrings and @renezz in our Vorta Saddle Hangers.

Dinner with the Family

There are plenty of things to worry about once the official season of family dinners rolls around: awkward dinner conversations, aunts and uncles getting too up close and personal with their incessant questions, preparing a hostess gift - don’t let your outfit be one of them. If you’re not quite sure what types of jewelry tiptoes subtlety and lush really well, opt for alternative classics - they never go wrong.


Ask & Embla Classic Lobe Cuffs™️

@deadnettle in our Long Classic Lobe Cuffs™ worn together, @inkstaboy in our Vulcan Spine Hangers and @elkantler in our Small Classic Halo Hangers.

A Quick Coffee Date

Show of hands: how many of us find scheduling meetups with our friends to be one of the most challenging yet banal things we have ever done? Oftentimes, we’ll resort to planning a quick coffee date with your mates in any pocket of time in your packed schedule. Spruce up this “rare” occasion with a pair of refined and alluring earrings that will get an approving nod from your friends, for sure.

Ask & Embla Earrings and Hangers

@hellieth_ in our Dahlia Filigree Earrings, @elkantlers in our Classic Croissant Saddle Hangers and @blossomxxwither in our Rapunzel Heart Hanger.

Adding An Extra Edge to Your Everyday

Break out of your mundane, everyday routines and inject a little bit of you! Take every opportunity to remind yourself of who you are and that you are worth the effort. After all, the way you look on the outside will influence the way you feel on the inside. Embrace your style and edge at every opportunity by adorning yourself with our alternative jewelry

Let your style shine. Find your new favourites for any and every occasion.