Is it a little too dark to go alone? You don’t have to.

From classic Halloween charms like bat earrings or cobweb earrings, this special Halloween earrings curation is made to treat you and your partner in crime. Sink your fangs into deadly cuts of jewelry from stud earrings to unique septum jewelry.

Be inspired to craft alternative couple Halloween costumes of your own with a few of our favourite duos.

The Game of Thrones couple:
Khaleesi & Jon Snow

Game of Thrones Jewelry

Anticipating the release of “House of the Dragon”? Don these armoured cuts crowned with a mythical touch to channel the look of one of the most celebrated couples in Westeros.

The dramatic gothic couple:
Gomez & Morticia Addams

Gothic Jewelry

A family that needs no introduction. Dark, Victorian-inspired looks that are a Halloween classic for a power couple costume. Take these sets for elegance and charm stirred with a little jest.

The iconic pop duo:
Sonny & Cher

Bohemian Hippie Jewelry

Legends of American pop that gave the world unforgettable hits. Take your muse for looks that say “look at us” with these glamorous bohemian and hippie notes to shine in the spotlight.

The essential 90s siblings:
Jane & Trent Lane

Grunge Punk Jewelry

A reflection of our time of youthful angst. While Daria and Jane pairings are a staple, the punkish Lane siblings with their matching hoop earring sets are a look that still stands today. Get that hit of 90s nostalgia with these minimalist grunge stacks taken from the MTV classic.

The quirky soulmates:
Edward Scissorhands & Kim Boggs

Tim Burton Jewelry

A filmic reminder to embrace who we are. Inspired by the gothic fantasy masterpiece of Tim Burton, it’s the meeting of two worlds in contrasting sharp and sweet styles; perfect for any Edwards and Kims.

The devious rivals:
Roxie Hart & Velma Kelly

Chicago 1960s Jewelry

From the classic 1975 American musical Chicago comes brilliantly glamorous styles of the jazz age. For this number, slick your hair, wear your buckle shoe and find all that jazz with our fiery, fabulous steps to take that Halloween stage.

Whether you’ve picked a pair of stretched ear jewelry, earrings or a septum ring, grab someone and make two scarier than one this Halloween. Find more Halloween style inspo with our Ultimate Halloween Style Guide or catch our roundup of more iconic looks with our Ask & Embla Halloween cast 🎃