Amidst the minimalist trend screaming “less is more”, there lies another style at the other end of the spectrum that is slowly but surely emerging from the shadows. The Maximalist trend is truly upon us. The sartorial trends crawling down the runways are unapologetically maximal, and it won’t be long before everybody else jumps on the bandwagon.

Here’s all you need to know about this bold trend.

What is Maximalism


@jentonic with our Valencia Hangers

@mat.blak with our Luna Moon Hangers

Maximalism isn’t a new concept, and has in fact, been popular for centuries. “Baroque” and “Rococo” styles represent the popular interpretation of maximalism, with designs dating back to the 17th-17th century and 1820s, respectively.

Simply put, maximalism imbues decadence, wantonness and extravagance. It never shies away from the superposition of colours, patterns, and elements - maximalism embraces it! 

It oozes order in chaos, not caring to fit into a small, neat box. In true maximalist fashion, it’s all about sparking an incredible visual experience.

Maximalism in Jewelry


Maximalism is bleeding into all forms of fashion, including jewelry. Think heavy hoops, celestial earrings, matching sets and many other fanciful designs in the queue. Maximalist jewelry is bold, extravagant and downright exciting. 

It goes beyond designs as well - maximalism encourages repetitions and combinations. This translates to gorgeous curated ear stacks, necklace layering and the like. 

That said, it’s not the act of simply stacking different pieces together. Instead, maximalism encourages you to be selective, carefully matching your curated jewelry stacks so that each piece adds a layer of interest while standing on its own.

(From left to right)

King Cobra Earrings

Arctic Lilac Flat Back Stud Set

Classic Hoop Earrings (3 Sizes)

Ask & Embla for the Maximalist

In need of an update for your alternative jewelry collection? Have a look at our curated selection and pick out ones that speak to the maximalist in you.

Simple Yet Bold

Marry classic styles and newly sharpened edges with these ear hangers that boast bold designs, beckoning a second look. 

Great as a standalone, they’re excellent choices if you wish to pair with slightly subtler jewelry.

(From left to right)

Valar Saddle Hangers

Luna Moon Hangers

Storm Lightning Hangers

Sleek Silhouettes with More to Offer

Feed your maximalist heart with gritty structures that feature sleek forms and plenty of texture with these armoured cuts.

(From left to right)

Drogon Dragonscale Hangers

Ridged Saddle Hangers

Vulcan Spine Hangers

Lavishly Immaculate

Tasteful, intricate designs that blend seamlessly with smooth, immaculate forms, these alternative hangers carry a style epitome of contained chaos. These filigree favourites are sure to enhance and empower your daily armour. 

(From left to right)

Ayla Shell Hangers

Gregoria Heart Hangers

Gretel Locke Hangers

Grimm Key Hangers

Maximalism is having its time in the sun, and so should you. Let our Ask and Embla’s curated masterpieces inspire you to take on the world of opulence and extravagance to create a luxurious visual feast that you can call your own.


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