As Ask & Embla celebrates 8 years of amplifying your energies with our jewelry, we realised that there are little parts of us that we have kept hidden for a little too long…

Since it’s our special day, we thought there’s no better time than now to let you into the story of us and invite you to be part of the magic that’s yet to come!


Unbeknownst to many, Ask & Embla had a very unexpected start – it was actually a school project! The brand was first created for a final-year branding assignment as a hypothetical business model.

While the aspirations for the store were then only in theory, the heart behind it was already solidified in a very real mission: to make alternative jewelry more accessible to the world.

Ask & Embla's logo and packaging in the early days

‘Alternative’ was (and very much still is) an immensely intricate and nuanced idea to us but despite its sweeping range of interpretations, we saw common ground with how jewelry and style were creative avenues for people to express themselves and mould their outward appearance to match their inner selves.

We saw Ask & Embla as a conduit for all individuals to own their personal style beyond conventional commercial jewelry. The synergy was undeniable and it felt like the elements were at perfect points for a flicker.


In 2013, Ask & Embla was officially launched as a small business, running on the passion of a (then) teenager – all out of her room in her parents’ home in Singapore.

On 22 May 2013, we received our first order for a pair of Teal Propylux Black Inlay Double Flare Tunnels, and the once small flame started breathing brighter.

After a good few years of feeding our fire, we saw how our light sparked different individuals to kindle their own flames. By then, we could see a community of alternative individuals coming together and connecting with us!

It was such an electrifying time to be encompassed by this new warm energy. And we were given the honour to collaborate with a community of dauntless souls who lived and breathed differently. 
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These are some of the influencers we had the privilege of working with!


With 7 years set, we realised how much our community had naturally grown and evolved. We too saw the subtle shifts in our personal tastes and wanted to carry that over to Ask & Embla.

So we began to mirror the progression of our community in our voice and image to glow alongside our Circle.

And that’s how our 2020 went!

Some of the bold individuals who have made our community such a vibrant space!


As we continue refining Ask & Embla this year, we are actively elevating the experience we bring with both our jewelry and voice.

We have set in motion sizeable plans to:

Listen to and engage more closely with you through:

  • Devoting more attention to your feedback
  • Rolling out surveys and following up with your suggestions
  • Improving our customer care team to be there for you 24/7

Improve the quality of our pieces in every way possible by:
  • Working even closer with manufacturers to source for the best materials
  • Conducting in-depth metal testing to ensure durability and safety
  • Implementing more rigorous quality control standards

Reduce our environmental impact via:
  • Exploring the use of body-safe sustainable or recycled metals to make our jewelry
  • Upgrading our packaging to recycled or biodegradable materials to reduce paper and plastic waste

Cultivate greater diversity and representation across our brand by:
  • Collaborating with creators of all expressions
  • Using our brand as a platform to spread awareness for issues that matter and promote solidarity amidst injustice


This is the genesis!

With the nature of time, we know that change is inevitable. The alternative spectrum will only continue to grow and shift – bringing new land for us to unearth. And as this space expands, we want to bridge the scale of styles and modalities – crafting jewelry that embodies the bravery of choosing to be part of something different.

With our light guiding us forth, we look forward to embracing and celebrating individuals being distinctly them.

Have we stirred your spirit? Then join us for the journey in this era of new light!

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