Create Constellations With Your Ear Stacks for Any Occasion

With a thought-out maximalist approach and carefully-placed piercings, our ears can become a work of art in themselves. Here’s our specially curated style guide to inspire your next ear stack look.

The More The Merrier: The Curated Ear Trend 

The ear stack trend has been fully revived and is here to stay!

It all starts with pairing a couple of ear jewelry designs, perfectly accenting one’s lobe and cartilage piercings. With the idea of creating a balanced look that still stuns, hoop earrings and ear stud bundles have become popular products among several jewelry brands, online stores and boutiques to give wearers a set that’s good to go.

But if you’re all about crafting a look that’s unique to you, here’s how you can curate a starlit ear stack of your own.

The Subtle Charm

For those who adore a more minimalist stack, this style is best with a stud, hoop earring or a huggie design. It gives you the freedom to create any constellation that you fancy, all whilst keeping it easy and simple.

For a more cohesive curation, you should keep your constellation to a single tone. You could also create more detailed looks by alternating pieces with various designs. To elevate your ear stack, you can pair these ear studs with a more intricate set worn on your lowest lobe piercing. 


The Everyday Delight

(From left to right):
Knox Lock Huggie Earrings
Arctic Lilac Flat Back Stud Set 
Triad Hoop Earrings Set (Pack of 3)

When you think of a curated ear constellation, you might think of looks that are bold and dramatic - attributes that aren’t necessarily great for the day-to-day. But it doesn’t have to be!

You can still wear curated bundles that fit the everyday look but are still striking enough for your liking. Moreover, you can wear them as a set or mix and match them with other staple or minimalist jewelry as accents.


The Gradient


For those who favour a more minimal aesthetic but with an added appeal, the gradient style is a great way to add flavour to your minimalist jewelry. All they require is a few strategically placed piercings along your ear lobe to give way to an elegant aesthetic with an alternative twist. 

The key is to go for linear sizes – go from small to big, ending it with a large and bold earring on your bottom-most earlobe. Opt for the classic hoop earrings (you can never go wrong with those) or pair subtle ear studs with a more decorative piece for a fancier occasion.


The Finest Blend

(From left to right):
Laurel Filigree Stud Earrings
Eve Filigree Ear Cuff
Dahlia Filigree Earrings
Eden Vine Earrings

Think details upon details but still stunningly cohesive and alluring...

The best method is to opt for earrings with identical or similar decorative elements. They don’t necessarily need to be from one collection or series, but finding pieces that share similar patterns, shapes and overall style will create a seamless blend and make them appear as a set, even if they initially weren’t.


The Alternative Mix


For stretched-jewelry wearers, you too can create beautiful, artistic ear stacks that are unique to you and only you by exploring several types of jewelry, such as tunnel, hangers, and saddle hangers. These alternative jewelry will add more visual elements, designs, and textures to your constellation. Ear studs higher up on lobe, an ear cuff on the helix and perhaps a saddle hanger with a dramatic hanging, dangle earring that has a touch of goth - it’s entirely up to you.