Elevating Your Everyday: 3 Simple Ways To Style Our 14K Gold Jewelry

No matter what your personal style is, finding the right piece of jewelry can help to complete your look and transform a simple outfit into an unforgettable statement.

If you favour bolder alternative styles that push the boundaries of fashion sensibilities, one way to balance out your look is to add on a piece or two of simple modern 14K gold jewelry pieces.

14K solid gold jewelry is easy to care for and maintain, and is also versatile enough to suit any type of aesthetic. Browse our range of 14K gold jewelry online today, or check out some simple outfit ideas below! 

1. Modern Work Week Warrior

If you work in an office or other professional or client-facing environments, it’s highly likely that you are expected to dress ‘properly’ according to a certain standard set by your employer or colleagues.

While attitudes towards workwear have changed greatly over the last decade, you might still find yourself toning down your personal style in order to appear more professional (however that might look like in your field).

One way to impress your clients while still keeping true to your alternative side is by accessorising with minimalist 14K gold stud earrings that can add a subtle structure to your overall appearance.

The burnished sheen of our Leia Tribead Threadless End illuminates any look, whereas the Cain and Titan Threadless Ends help you glow from the inside out with their clear Cubic Zirconia centre. For an added edge, turn up the (visual) volume of your outfit by colour-blocking or adding on-trend details such as textured metals.

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2. Casually Elaborate Creative

When you’re off-the-clock, there’s no better feeling than being able to dress and accessorise the way you want to!

If you favour a bolder or more unorthodox style, 14K gold jewelry can help to add a touch of class and balance out the overall look. Our Solid Gold Classic Clicker is great as a septum ring or even as a small hoop earring, and pairs with our more elaborate earring jewelry and ear hangers as well.

Alternatively, channel your creative side with gold stud earrings like the cross-shaped Lucia Threadless End, snowflake-shaped Quinn Threadless End, or delicate flower-shaped Pixi Threadless End dotted with a violet-hued amethyst gem at its centre.

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3. Shimmering Starlight Stunner

One occasion where 14K gold jewelry can really shine is when you’re getting ready for a night out.

Don’t be afraid to pile on the glamour and stack different materials or types of jewelry to create your own unique constellation of stars. Seek out more celestial-themed jewelry arrangements on our blog.

Our Petra and Daya Threadless Ends have sharp, polished points to adorn your outfit with a dramatic flair. Pair them with more delicate details – like our Elaria Filigree hoop earrings or Eve Filigree ear cuff – to bring balance to your luxurious look.

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Elevate your Alternative Style with Ask & Embla

If you want to subtly change up your look without being too adventurous at first, 14K gold jewelry is the right choice for you. Ask & Embla is pleased to offer our customers a 1-year warranty on all 14K solid gold jewelry pieces so you can incorporate them into your daily outfits without any worries. Find out more in our FAQs.

Browse more alternative style guides or our Pinterest pickings to get more inspiration for your next outfit change, or browse our wide range of jewelry collections to find the right fit for you. Cart out from our online store with a minimum spend and enjoy free shipping* as well as additional loyalty rewards.

* Minimum order amount for free shipping varies across countries.

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