In recent years, the unique style of stretched ears has become more mainstream, with a growing number of individuals embracing the look.

Stretching your ears can be a beautiful and empowering experience. If you have already started the process, then you know how exciting it is to see your progress. It can be a long and slow journey, but it's so worth it when you finally get to show off your beautiful, stretched ears.

Looking for jewelry to enhance the look of your stretched ears? Consider Ask & Embla’s exceptional ear tunnels and enchanting ear plugs.

Ear Tunnels

An ear tunnel is a hollow, cylindrical jewelry piece that is worn in a stretched piercing. It gives individuals the flexibility and freedom to curate their ears however they want. 

Adorn your lobes with Ask & Embla’s top-selling alternative ear tunnel jewelry below.

1. Orya Tunnels 

Available as Orya Tunnels (Gold) and Orya Tunnels (Silver).

Classic saddle tunnels made of brass, the Orya Tunnels are one of the most popular items on Ask & Embla. Wear it as a true statement accessory in either gold or silver. The comfortable weight of brass also gives these tunnels a truly sturdy look and feel.  

2. Aura Teardrops Tunnels

Available as Aura Teardrops Tunnels (Silver) and Aura Teardrops Tunnels (Gold).

Simple, classic, and unique. The Aura Teardrop Tunnels are saddle-style tunnels, made of white or gold brass with a modest teardrop design. These exquisite tunnels will look great in your lobes but will also work as a subtle accent to your more dramatic look.

3. Smoky Dragon's Eye Tunnels

Available as Smoky Dragon's Eye Tunnels, Smoky Dragon's Eye Teardrop Plugs, and Smoky Dragon's Eye Plugs.

Add some fire and style to your look with our Smoky Dragon's Eye Tunnels. Intricately carved from grey glass, the smoky-black design gives the tunnels a mysterious, dark vibe. Consider stacking and wearing the tunnels with other jewelry. The murkiness of the carved grey glass makes the rest of your pieces stand out uniquely.

Ear Plugs

An ear plug is a jewelry piece that is worn in a stretched piercing. Show off your stretched ears with a pair of best-selling plugs from Ask & Embla below. 

1. Chrysocolla Plugs

Incorporate this bold and beautiful alternative jewelry into your look without going over the top.

Introducing one of our best-selling ear plugs – the Chrysocolla Plugs! These striking chrysocolla plugs are made from a naturally-occurring material with beautiful blue and green striations. The colours flash radiantly when they catch the light, making these plugs a truly eye-catching accessory. 

2. Amazonite Plugs

The soft blueish-green of amazonite pairs well with many outfits, making it a versatile accessory choice. 

Add a dash of frosty beauty to your style with another best-selling Ask & Embla piece – the Amazonite Plugs. These plugs have a classic, circular design, with a light teal colouring that makes the jewelled plug pop. Made of amazonite stone, they are hand-polished for the smoothest surface, so they feel as good as they look and are lightweight enough to be worn comfortably all day.

3. Amethyst Teardrop Plugs

With its exquisite style, these alternative ear plugs are sure to uplift your spirits and add a touch of elegance to any outfit. 

Treat your stretched lobes to a pair of charming Amethyst Teardrop Plugs. From soft lavenders to deep royal purples, these vibrant and ethereal shades of amethyst are truly stunning. Wear these plugs as a style statement, or if you wish to show off your rich, regal side.

Own Your Alternative Edge With Ear Tunnels and Plugs

Feeling lost? With the above best-selling ear tunnels and plugs, we hope that you can find the perfect piece of jewelry to add to your collection. Alternatively, browse our style guide for some inspiration on how to create the look that you want. Do also remember to check your recommended fit before buying any stretched ear jewelry. Shop now and enjoy free standard shipping*.  

*With the minimum order amount that varies by country.