As the weather warms and days grow longer, time calls all to take the season into their own hands. The summer solstice summons – it’s time to move with solar energy 🌞

Here’s how you can celebrate the life-giving star in gothic summer style!

Reconnect with Mother Nature herself with scenic hikes and picnics or even grand road trips. Take these relaxed styles with you to channel earthly energy.


Find refuge from the summer’s heat with refreshing dips. From poolside poised to beach beauties, these sets will tide you over in cooled cuts.

Tune into the Sun’s revitalising energy and make merry. Add these to your festival fits for looks that wear with extra edge.

Get toasty both ways – in the sun and with a drink in hand. From backyard barbeques to garden soirees, raise these pieces for Litha looks.

Enjoy intimate moments with visits to the cinema, museum or your favourite coffee spot. Invite someone to move in closer with these detailed pieces.

Just as you celebrate the Sun, harness your own light with servings of self-care from crystal baths to nightly meditation. Don these sets to feel truly you.

Join us and pay tribute to the power of the Sun!