Fashion and jewelry have always been dictated by rules. From what to wear to when to wear it, we’re constantly bombarded with seemingly endless and arbitrary sets of guidelines on how to look and feel our best.

Well here at Ask & Embla, we don’t believe in blindly following the rules – and we don’t believe you should either.

As an alternative jewelry brand that embraces the beauty in being different, we’re always looking for new ways to break through the mold and help you pave your own way forward in this wild and wondrous world.

The first step to doing so? Knowing what the rules are so you can bend and break them to suit your own personal style.

1. The Rule: Diamonds are not for Daytime

What we say: Don’t be afraid to let your inner light shine through.

One of the more traditional rules is that diamond jewelry should be saved for formal nighttime events rather than casual daytime outings. But this rule has changed dramatically over the years – not only are diamonds or cubic zirconias more acceptable as everyday wear than ever, but other gemstones such as amethysts have become popular and more commonplace too.

Add an iridescent elevated aura to any outfit with our threadless ends in 14K gold – complete with brilliant cubic zirconias that shine brighter than ever in the daylight.

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2. The Rule: Don’t Mix Metals

What we say: Get creative and make your own voice heard.

Mixing metals in your jewelry is one of the most popular ‘taboos’ out there – but we think it’s time to move past this rule.

Make your look unique by layering different jewelry pieces, or wearing the same piece in different metals to create a symmetrical style with an unexpected twist.

Ask & Embla has got you covered with ear jewelry in a variety of materials and styles. Channel minimalist style with classic hoops and saddle hangers in polished silver and gold, embrace your animalistic side with serpent-inspired textures, or harness the energy of crystals to let your inner strength shine through.

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3. The Rule: Less is More

What we say: The bigger, the bolder, the better.

Why settle for plain metals when picking your jewelry? Go brighter and bolder with a variety of colours and materials to add interest and charm to your ear stack.

Alternative jewelry materials including stones, glass, wood, or silicone can imbue your look with a wide range of hues, sheens, and textures to help you achieve a truly one-of-a-kind style.

When picking out jewelry made from organic stones, you can even look deeper into the crystal’s symbolism to fortify your look with extra meaning. Protect your inner spirit with glimmering labradorite, echo truth and renewal with bright green emerald, or achieve inner peace with purple agate.

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4. The Rule: Always Match your Earrings

What we say: Take advantage of mixed sets to bring out your own personality.

One of the latest trends is wearing asymmetrical or mismatched jewelry – and we’re here for it.

Get creative with our various flat back ear stud sets, which give you ample options to play around with. Spring for a cosmic theme with dainty pieces that mimic the moon and stars, or elevate your minimalist choices with huggie earrings that come in different shapes.

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Make a Striking Statement with Ask & Embla

The era of stifling, boring jewelry rules is long-gone – it’s time for you to make up your own rules and design your own unique style.

Whether you’re shopping our ear hangers, saddle hangers, or earrings, we’ve got what you need to break the mould and look good while doing so. Discover ring stacks and lobe cuffsseptum clickers and rings, flat back ear studs, and other alternative jewelry pieces with our themed jewelry collections and style guides.

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