In accordance with our Classic Lobe Cuffs’™ originality and versatility, we introduce to you the newest member of our exclusive family of lobe cuffs: our Origin Lobe Cuff™ Set: a modular, tastefully asymmetrical ensemble, available in Gold and Silver for you to set in any order you prefer.

Hailed by as irreplaceable staples, our Classic Lobe Cuffs™, Ringed Lobe Cuffs™ and Hammered Lobe Cuffs™ have hit an all-time-favourite status among all our stretched ear jewelry. Now, we’re welcoming the Origin Lobe Cuff™ Set to offer you all-new ways to stack your stretched style.

Trust us, you can’t find these anywhere else.


Lobe Cuffs On Ear

The Inspiration:

Galvanised with odes to tribal jewelry both small and sizable, our Origin Lobe Cuff™ Set takes inspiration from ancient armour-like bangles and ankle cuffs, symbolic hair beads and necklaces.

In reverence towards these masterful designs, we were inspired by these pieces to forge our own sets patterned after their details - but fused with a modern touch.

Offered as a three-piece collection, the design was intended to take on rudimentary blockish forms for you to rearrange however you like to suit any outfit or occasion. Whether you match it with a minimalist stack for a casual errand day or combine it with a decadent ear weight for an event, our Origin Lobe Cuff™ Set is versatile, adaptable, and evergreen.

The Process:

Schematics of the Lobe Cuff design

During the process of developing prototypes for our Origin Lobe Cuff™ Set, heavy consideration was placed to maximising the wearer’s comfort. The shape of each piece is fully optimised for you to put on and take off with ease, as its updated forms allow for easier access to its clasps.

The Final Product:

The Origin Lobe Cuff™ thus comprises a trio of individual pieces;

The Court Lobe Cuff™: a flat, thickened hoop with a square plane:

Court Lobe Cuffs

The Hike Lobe Cuff™: a thickened hoop with a raised, middle ridge:

Hike Lobe Cuffs

The Round Lobe Cuff™: an expanded band with a domed outline:

Round Lobe Cuffs

Whether you’d like to wear an individual piece alone, in twos, asymmetrically or all three in a choice order - it is entirely at your stylistic discretion. You may also purchase two Origin Lobe Cuff™ sets, one in Gold and one in Silver, to mingle metals and modes.

On-ear pictures of all the Lobe Cuffs

Customise your Origin Lobe Cuff™ Set of your choice in Silver and Gold - use them on their own or harmonise them with other piercings, studs and earrings for a look that’s uniquely yours.