It’s an Ask & Embla original creation inspired by you! A brand-new design that fuses the look of our best-selling Ring Stacks and Classic Lobe Cuff™️ for an alternative jewelry style for stretched ears.

Check out how we created our new Ringed Lobe Cuff™️!


The Inspiration

The creation of this new style has its roots in the cult-fave Ring Stacks. We were inspired by how universally well-loved they were and how creative people got with styling it. And today, our Ring Stacks have become a staple piece of alternative jewelry for many.



But with a style that’s made up of multiple stacking rings that requires the wearer to fasten individually, we understand how our Ring Stacks may not be the go-to jewelry for some – especially for those who enjoy curating different ear stacks every day. And the taller the stack, the more the rings and the more time needed to create the perfect look.

So we were set on creating a “Clip-on” Ring Stack for more individuals to be able to enjoy sporting the Ring Stack look without any hassle.


The Process


There were many minute details that we had to pay attention to during the design and development process.



Firstly, in order to create a piece that would be more convenient to wear, we looked to our best-selling Classic Lobe Cuff™️ and its easy, single clip-on mechanism to guide how our Ringed Lobe Cuff™️ would work. But because we wanted to match the Ring Stack silhouette as closely as possible, we had to go through many prototypes to fully capture all the details of the look.



If you look closely at the outer edge of the Ringed Lobe Cuff™️, you’ll see how we made sure to recreate the same small gaps that naturally form between each ring of a Ring Stack.

Secondly, we had to experiment with the lengths of the pieces in order to cater to different gauge sizes while balancing the arc of the design. We had to ensure that it would fit stretched lobes of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Having options for the length of the piece was also important as we wanted to allow wearers with different ear gauges to create different types of looks.


The Final Product

After we produced a prototype we were satisfied with, we took our time to test out the new look ourselves.

While we agreed that nothing beats the natural, free-flowing look and feel of our Classic Ring Stack, the Ringed Lobe Cuff™️ opens up doors for even more styling options like with our Bejewelled Ring Stacks, ear weights or hangers.



The combinations that can be created with our Ringed Lobe Cuff™️ are mainly thanks to the way it hugs the lobe with a uniformed stack – creating a sublimely sleek finish. Plus, it was a breeze to put on and take off!

To wear, simply locate the seam on the outer edge of the cuff, align your thumb nail along the seam and push gently to open the cuff. Once wrapped around your lobe, close the cuff and pinch both sides together to secure.



Our Ringed Lobe Cuff™️ also comes in 6mm and 8mm drops for different lobe types. Here’s how to determine your best fit:


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Cart our a Ringed Lobe Cuff™️ of your own!

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