Our first featured artist, @blum.ttt, hails from Marseille and melds delicate design with the magic of a deft hand. French and fabulous, she manages to keep each piece subtle while drawing attention to shapes in and from nature with patterns inspired by henna designs. Ready? Set. Glow! 

Your tattoos are dainty, delicate, and focused on symmetry. How did you develop this style, and what makes you love it so much?

Firstly I always preferred abstract art to figurative, this is what pushed me to do ornamental tattooing. In addition, I am very attracted to the henna tattoos and that is what you can find in some of my tattoos. Touches of nature have always been a theme in my work as I appreciate and adorn women with my eternal jewelry.

What’s an upcoming tattoo project you’re excited about?

I am very excited about larger tattoo pieces. I am looking forward to full body pieces too!


What’s the most difficult part of being a tattoo artist?

The most challenging part of being a tattoo artist would be watching people bear with the pain of getting one - since tattooing still involves some physical discomfort.

What would you advise to new artists who want to work on fine, precise and intricate styles like yours?

I find it difficult to give advice because I feel like I haven't tattooed long enough yet.


In your opinion, what’s the closest thing to magic?



You can find her work on her Instagram page here.