Terrific tattoos in Taiwan are curiously crafted by @Chris_Liang_Tattoo. Fighting the mafia-stigma and turning tattoos into mainstream expression, greyscale, fog, and fluidity permeate his pieces. His superb symbolism shines through so much, he has never even needed a sign on his studio!

What's the tattoo/alternative scene in Taiwan like?

I think that it has become a trend to get tattoos in Taiwan. The traditional image of associating tattoos with the mafia has disappeared. Recently, there have been more and more tattoo studios and conventions, and the culture has grown to become more and more mainstream. It is also common to see tattoo culture collaborating with other commercial industries.

Your favourite part about tattooing and why?

I enjoy the process of giving tattoos and every step, from discussing the ideas to finalizing the design. My favorite part is to interact with my customers when they send pictures back after their recovery. I find that giving tattoos is not only a self-improvement, but I am also assisting each customer to realize their dreams. It pleases me to know that they carry a part of my work around the world.

How would you describe your tattoo style?

The smoky touches of grey-scale sketches are my personal signatures. I like to add some foggy and floating allure to my pieces. The kind of fluid-like movements delivers a sensation of transforming sudden motions into permanent moments. Sometimes, I like to put on shadings without drafts, it feels free. Every artist pursues their own unique styles, it took me around 8 years until I finally found what belongs to me. Yet, I think that styles are just symbolic during different stages. There will always be new breakthroughs from original ideas while creating and accumulating progressively. There will always be a newly formed idea. Recently, I have been working on designs that are unconventional to my previous works. I look forward to the transition this year as I like to create unique content since that for every individual, the inks are constantly existing. I’d like to work under the principle of inimitability.


Share with us something people don’t really know about you.

Actually, I have never hung any sign outside of my studio ever. My shop is not located on the 1st floor either. There is a reason behind all that. I try to keep it low pro life so that passersby wouldn’t know that there is a tattoo studio around here. I have never bought ads on social media. I believe that if I devote myself every time I tattoo, I would be known naturally. It has been two years since I turned down reservations. It wasn’t until this year that I lay aside works from my previous tattoo works. And I truly appreciate all my customers.

Aside from drawing and tattooing, I also like Japanese anime and Rick and Morty. I have hundreds of comics and toys in my studio and I started to draw because I like comics. In spite of being a tattoo artist, I like to create other than just tattooing. Up until now, I have been planning to design toys. And I believe that doing things that make me happy is the most important thing. I am happy to break through when I am enthusiastic.


Share with us the most interesting encounter with a stranger.

Couple years ago, while I was smoking on a bench in Amsterdam, a mid-aged photographer came to me for a chat. He was holding this vintage folding camera. He said he doesn’t use the phone or internet as he sat sophisticatedly on the ground. When he heard that we are from Taiwan, he spoke out “Formosa” (“beautiful” in Portuguese, Portuguese sailors in the 16th century used to describe the uncharted island Taiwan). I was very moved at the time. I have always thought that it was a story exclusively known by Taiwanese. He asked my Taiwanese address after some one-hour conversation. Two weeks later when I got back from the Netherlands, I received a soaked mail with a picture that he had taken for us in the Netherlands, along with his doodle and signature. It was the most memorable present for me. I am very grateful that he recorded our Dutch afternoon.

Move to the beat of his marvellous monotones at his Instagram page here.