Based in Berlin and 100% plant-fuelled, @diamante_murru creates within her magically minimalist world with ethnic lashings of hearty flavour throughout. A preacher of a passionate practice, she began in theatre and live performances as a body painter and grew in her craft as an elegant tattoo artist with a tenacious work ethic.

This special interview gives us a glimpse into her minimalist, magnificent life and story and our series explores fellow creatives who celebrate individuality just as much as we do!  

What’s the Berlin tattoo scene like?

Berlin is that city in which you can immediately feel the passion of artists and creatives, as around the city as in the tattoo culture. There are lots of amazing and high quality artists so every day you’re confronted with an insane number of inputs, especially because beside the resident artists you get in touch with many travellers.

Berlin in the tattoo hub of the city and you gotta work hard if you wanna emerge. I think you should just be honest with who you are and believe in yourself. 

You definitely can’t be lazy or weak. 

I’m originally from Italy and moved here a few years ago, immediately finding lovely customers (locals, and people who travel from all over the world); With my style and what I was looking to do with my tattoos; people met me with an open mind and here they leave their trust to the artist they believe in, and give them complete freedom to express themselves.

You seem to have a soft spot for blackout or blackwork tattoos. What draws you to this style?

I love the elegance and simplicity of black.

My path before tattooing started as a body painter for theatre, photoshoots, music videos and live performance. I’ve learned the importance of balancing clean details with strong impact when viewed from a distance.

This basically entered naturally into my tattoo works, plus creating a connection between what I wanted on my body and the works I like to create on other’s.

A good clean concept can really express a lot.


Tell us your favourite part about being a tattoo artist.

I’m grateful to have the possibility to create art everyday, so going to work is not only a routine but part of a creative path.

This is what I choose for my career, living artistically - and not in a commercial way.

My goal wasn’t fame or money, it was to be as good as possible to be able to work wherever I wanted to go.

I guess all these things together are my favourite part! 



What inspires you to do what you do on a daily basis? 

I'm a lover of nature and travel. I feed my eyes and my brain with every kind of art, exploring new places, meditating and studying. I find inspiration in everything I’m surrounded by - from the shape of plants, to the texture of a tree, the ornaments in architecture, the pattern of a floor, music I listen to, or people I’m talking with.

I’m inspired by everything/everyone that is authentic, real. 

Who’s a tattoo artist you’d love to be tattooed by, but haven’t gotten the chance to?

I’m actually tattooed by some of my favourite artists/friends and my body is already completely inked. Unfortunately I do not have space anymore! But I don’t regret an inch of what I’ve got, and am really happy with the work done on my skin.

Sometimes I just wish I had more bodies to have various bodysuits. If I did, one would be for sure from Gakkin.

If you weren’t a tattoo artist, what would you be?

It’ll still be something creative in nature. 

Before tattooing I used to work as a body painter, performer, painter, designer, and organise art expos.

If I had to change my career completely - I would be a music composer or video/movie maker.

What do you think everyone should know before getting a tattoo? 

That it is forever.

Be conscious that you’re working on your body, and this will affect your mind.

Very often, people come to cover up tattoos they regret getting after changing their mind or not communicating with their artist about what they wanted.

Always be sure about what you want to get.

What’s the most interesting/ridiculous/lovely tattoo request you’ve ever gotten?

Someone asked me to sign their tattoo!

I explained that my style was already my ‘signature’ but I found it really interesting that they wanted me to initial it like an art piece.

If you could be a gemstone, what gemstone would best describe you and why?

If I had to stay loyal to my name - I’d say a diamond! It is the strongest stone in the world, and has a powerful meaning for crystal healing and ancient philosophy.

It is a symbol of purity and invincibility and stepping into our spiritual destiny.

Unfortunately, I don’t like the violence behind the diamond industry because of the human rights abuses.

So…. I go for Amethyst instead! It is a powerful stone which vibrates at a high frequency and creates a spiritual protection against negative energy. It also awakens consciousness, facilitates meditation and intuition, purifies your mind and helps you to connect with your true nature. 

You can find her work at her Instagram page here.