With our Ask & Embla alternative jewelry, it’s easy to express yourself in your own unique way. But, with so many different new arrivals on our online jewelry store, it can be tough to choose and style them.

Here are some simple style tips from our signature collections for you to take inspiration from.

Tip #1: Create Layers for a Minimalist yet Bold Effect

@elkantlers layering her look with the Aira Earrings, Aura Teardrop Tunnels in Gold, and Classic Ring Stack in Steel.

By stacking pieces, you can add depth and dimension while keeping things simple. This technique is perfect for those who want a minimalist look but curated in their unique style. With just a few easy steps, you can create a look that instantly elevates any outfit. 

Start with a classic earring before adding on one or two statement jewelry pieces. These can be anything from charming hoop earrings to bold plugs and striking saddle hangers. Keep the rest simple to let your statement pieces take centre stage.

Create a custom stack of your own with our other pieces below.

Classic Hoop Earrings Set (Pack of 3)

Luana Bejewelled Crescent Titanium Clicker

Bejewelled Trinity Titanium Clicker

Valar Saddle Hangers

Tip #2: Mix and (Mis)match Your Earrings

@zhiazilla spreading her wings with our alternative Ambrose Bat Earrings paired with Orya Tunnels.

Don’t limit yourself to arbitrary rules and embrace a mix and (mis)match look. Pair bold statement pieces with more understated ones. Experimenting with different styles is the perfect way to include an added edge to any outfit. With the juxtaposition of materials and textures, you can achieve an alternative look that is unique only to you. 

Switch things up and find your own signature style with some of our originally designed jewelry pieces below.

Cosmic Odyssey Flat Back Stud Set

Bejewelled Ring Stacks

Lucian Cross Hangers

Tip #3: Use Complementary or Identical Colours for a Cohesive Look

Open up your signature style by pairing our complementary Grimm Key Hangers and Gretel Locke Hangers.

Using identical colours creates a sense of harmony and unity, while complementary colours add visual interest and depth to your outfit. These pairings can help to balance and refine any look. Find more one-of-a-kind alternative jewelry options with our various collections.

Create a cohesive look for yourself by exploring colours in the same palette as our pieces below.

Hammered Lobe Cuffs™️

Venus Shell Clicker

Classic Mask Chain (Gold)

Tip #4: Think About Texture and Weight


Jewelry that’s all about the detail – the textured designs make them stand out, while the weights are carefully crafted for a comfortable fit and feel.

When it comes to jewelry styling, texture and weight are important. They go hand in hand, with one adding visual interest and depth to the other. With the right balance, your everyday outfits can transform into alternative works of art.

Our mix of textured and weighted jewelry products below can be used to create different effects.

Vale Arrow Earrings

Valera Arrow Earrings

Rapunzel Heart Hanger

Harper Blade Hangers

Moon Orb Hangers

Drogon Vortex Hanger

Tip #5: Have a Theme in Mind

@miss_tamuaska matching our Morgan Armour Hangers with the Celestial Spring Flat Back Stud Set, Bejewelled Ring Stacks and Short Classic Lobe Cuffs.  

One of the best ways to make sure your outfit looks pulled together is to have a common theme.

Take a minute to think about what kind of look you want to go for. Maybe you want to pay homage to the striking power of nature, or soothe your energies with gemstones and crystals. Whatever it is, having a plan makes it easier for you to put together a look that expresses who you are.

Make use of our pieces below to create a cohesive themed style.

Elemental Five Titanium Stud Bundle

Zena Moon Clicker

Solar Stargate Flat Back Stud Set 

Lunar Solstice Flat Back Stud Set

Style Our New Alternative Jewelry Arrivals Like a Pro

From formal appearances to creative casual looks, our style tips can help you make an impact. Find your new favourites and add them to your growing collection of Ask & Embla pieces today.