Classic Lobe Cuffs™ — Your A
sk and Embla Original exclusively designed for you to cast your own combinations.

Whether you want your style to shout or flow like a gentle whisper, here’s our style guide to help you find new ways to take your daily slivers of silver and glimpses of gold into curations crowned above the rest.

How To Style:

To find the best fit for your stretched lobes, first measure the circumference of your lobe to determine your drop size. You can check out our measuring guide here or watch our Tiktok guide:
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Uncomplicated and essential. Reach for these looks to elevate any outfit in a pinch.

Wearing the short or long cuff on their own is a great way to add a hint of brilliance and style.

When wearing the short Classic Lobe Cuff™, the polished streak of metal strikes especially charming with a snug fit hugging higher up the lobe so just snap on and gently pull it up along your lobe.

And larger stretched ears could also be dressed in two long Classic Lobe Cuffs™ together for a fuss-free pairing with a little more shine. The magic with this pairing is how it sits differently depending on the lobe size.


Thoughtful and balanced. Find these combinations to punctuate your look in alternative perfection.

For style with a little bit more (but not too much), match our Lobe Cuffs™ with your favourite hangers or ring stacks. Depending on the style of the hanger and lobe size, a unique draped look can be created to accentuate your lobe.

The high-polished finish of the lobe cuff also helps the piece pair perfectly with a wide array of jewelry from bejewelled ring stacks to even pieces with different textures.

You can also experiment with how high or low the cuff sits on your lobe to give a different effect to your coupling.


Intricate and striking. Filled and fully adorned to enrich your fit to be the finest.

When it’s time to get all dressed up, don’t forget about your jewelry. Craft a fine stack that’s all yours to own by mixing our lobe cuff with multiple hangers and ring stacks.

If you’re stumped on where to begin, start with your Lobe Cuff™ then pick a hanger to anchor the look and lastly, top it off with a couple of our ring stacks!

For combinations with greater depth, explore blending different finishes and colours, adding a layered piece like our Classic Chain Ring Stacks or even create asymmetrical looks by wearing different styles on each lobe.

Your stack is yours for the making.

Add our Classic Lobe Cuff to your collection and let your curatorial journey begin or catch our latest blogpost here for the exclusive insight into how we made our Classic Lobe Cuffs™!