Spring has brought exciting fashion trends and styles like pastel colours, graphic patterns, playful silhouettes, and relaxed fits. With the weather warming up, the official start of summer is just around the corner.

Summer has become synonymous with family vacations, trips to the beach, and lazy days spent outdoors. While you may feel the desire to dress down to beat the heat, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. In fact, summer is the best time to get creative with your outfits. Here are 3 types of casual outfits to wear this summer

1. Go bold with distressed tops and shorts

Own your style in distressed outfits that are perfect for your summer plans. Try mixing a distressed t-shirt with shorts and sandals or wear a casual top with cut-off denim shorts. These pieces often have a washed and worn out look that's a fresh alternative to your everyday wear.

In the summer months, it is recommended to wear hypoallergenic jewelry like the 14K Solid Gold Rope Clicker and Ore Threadless End (Titanium), or threadless ends like the Pixi Threadless End (14K Gold) and Lucia Threadless End (14K Gold) to combat any skin sensitivity from the heat. Go forth and enjoy the best of both worlds where style meets comfort.

2. Express your refinement and sophistication with crochet tops 

Crochet tops are perfect for making a statement. They are typically made from wool, cotton, or acrylic yarn with intricate crochet detailing that adds a touch of interest to your look. A great option for layering or wearing solo, a crochet top is sure to become one of your summer favourites. Pair it with shorts or a skirt for a complete outfit. 

Add a final touch and finish your allure by accenting your outfit with some alternative jewelry, such as the Willow Earrings, Lizra Clicker, Opal Cloud Titanium Clicker, or Eden Vine Earrings.

3. Liberate yourself with loose and light outfits

Ditch the heavy coats and sweaters in favour of something light for your summer wear. Baggy tops and loose maxi skirts are some favourite flowy outfit picks this summer. Whether you're wearing it to the beach or to a barbecue, they provide lots of movement for summer fun, and are airy enough for you to cool off in the heat. 

Make your outfit shine with warm-coloured rose gold accessories such as the Classic Lobe Cuffs, Lizra Clicker, or Cosmic Odyssey Flat Back Stud Set that adds a touch of regality to your look. Alternatively, bask in bright colours by using cool-toned jewelry like the Amazonite Plugs, Maia Earrings, or Cerulean Dragon's Eye Plugs.

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There's no need to revamp your entire wardrobe when you can simply switch up your look with the right accessories. A pair of simple statement earring studs, bold tunnels and plugs, or a charming clicker can really add your personality to any outfit.

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