It can be a struggle to find a pair of earrings that fits your fashion style and the look you want to achieve. If you’re scouring for the perfect pair that speaks to you, this handy guide will help make the hunt much easier. Have a look at our selection of earrings curated for you.

The Classics

A wardrobe essential. Everyone loves a roster of minimal, everyday jewelry to accent the day to day. These pieces not only carry versatility and longevity, but they also boast wearability. These styles are true staples that will never fall out of style. So, if you find yourself tethered to the beauty of minimalism or wish to get your hands on pieces that set the foundation for your curated ears, have a look at the selection of jewelry pieces below. Whether it’d be to stack, layer, or wear as a standalone - these earrings are a perfect match for your everyday.

(From top left to bottom right):
Frame Earrings
Classic Halo Earrings
Tria Hoop Earrings Set

Axel Chain Huggie Earrings

The Inbetweens

The inbetweens stand on a fine line between the two spectrums, holding their own with their artful reinterpretation of their minimalist friends. These are your everyday pieces that offer something more - subtle with detailed elements on top of minimalist structures. Aside from its timeless appeal, these jewelry bring a unique charm to reflect your personal style. For those who gravitate towards basic shapes with added texture and finishes, our selection below is just for you.

(From top left to bottom right):
Lune Mini Moon Earrings
Vale Arrow Earrings
Elm Hoop Earrings

Valera Arrow Earrings 
Atlas Hoop Earrings

The Ornate

The details matter - this much is true if you see the world through a bold lens. The ornate is for those who appreciate the intricate and the elaborate, offering an ornamental allure that complements your charm. These jewelry pieces possess details that call for a closer look. Worn alone or as a main feature for your curated ear, these pieces can fit your everyday or special occasions. Take a look at the jewelry pieces we’ve specially picked for you.

(From top left to bottom right):
Ophelia Earrings
Willow Earrings
Juniper Earrings
Qaela Scarab Earrings
Dahlia Filigree Earrings
Eden Vine Earrings

Find your true style as you journey towards creative self-expression, and let our alternative jewelry join you.