A collection of our Opalite Plugs, Rose Quartz Plugs and Amber Agate Plugs. 

Since ancient times, people have looked towards the sky, the stars and the Earth for guidance and healing – that our roots stay grounded in nature and that our souls moved along with the stars and the moon. This has stayed with us, whether we are conscious of the fact or otherwise.

If you’re jumping on the crystal craze to steer your journey of self-discovery and healing, we’ve got you covered! Discover the perfect healing crystal according to your zodiac sign with us...


♈Aries: Clear Quartz

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries signifies the beginning of something energetic. They bring vigour and passion everywhere they go. This explains why many are in awe (and let’s admit, scared as well) of their go-getter attitude and fiery disposition that can kindle a conflict if not careful.

A Clear Quartz’s ability to rebalance one’s high energy and temper is perfect for Aries’s personality. It can help to heal their (sometimes dangerous) impulsiveness, all whilst elevating their energy as they tackle their bold dreams.


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♉Taurus: Rose Quartz

The Taurus sign is known to value stability and find comfort in consistency. Ruled by the planet Venus, they value the finer things in life, specifically love, romance and beauty.

The Rose Quartz is one that enhances a Taurus’s natural soft energy of compassion and tenderness, helping them exude love, kindness and healing. Moreover, it adds a good dose of romance to the everyday.

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Gemini: Labradorite

The Gemini sign embodies many sides and colours. At their best, Gemini sun signs are playful, curious and quick-witted. If not, they can be anxious and inflexible.

These attributes are reflected in the Labradorite, a stone possessing a coalescence of colours that appear to change in the light. More than just a pretty stone, Labradorite is also mind enhancing and has the ability to soothe an overactive Gemini.

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♋Cancer: Moonstone

Similar to the temperamental ocean, Cancers are characteristically known for their tidal moods. They are emotionally sensitive (some would say they’re crybabies but we think that’s a misconception). Cancers tend to also run hot or cold with a slight shift of the atmosphere.

For this water sign, the Moonstone is only apt! Its power to relieve inner tensions lends the serenity that every Cancer seeks. Moreover, it can bring clarity and light up the dark moments in their lives.


♌Leo: Tiger’s Eye

Ruled by the very star at the centre of the Solar System, Leos carry joy and confidence that can sometimes be blinding. They are liberal with their appeal and endowments, capable of uniting different groups of people and leading them towards a shared cause.

No crystal can come close to connecting with the Leo energy than the Tiger’s Eye. Containing the energy of both the Earth and Sun, this power crystal helps Leos access their go-getter attitude. They’ll be all ready to fulfil their passions with courage and motivation.


♍Virgo: Amazonite

Virgos are well known for paying attention to the most minor details and being well-organised – every Beehive will know this. For the hyper-organised and analytical Virgo, the worst critic is themselves. Known for having a harsh inner judge, Virgos find it tricky to live up to their self-imposed high standards. For the perfectionist Virgos, the Amazonite and its glimmering blue-green hues offer a sort of tranquility that encourages inner kindness. Cultivating self-compassion helps alleviate emotional issues that a Virgo may struggle with.


♎Libra: Blue Lace Agate

The Libra signs possess vast stores of charm that can be downright magnetic, offering others a space that is both peaceful and impartial. Due to their desire for harmony, Libras have a natural aversion to confrontations and conflict. This feeds into the habit of subconsciously and consciously limiting their self-expression.

For the peace-loving Libras, the Blue Lace Agate will help to fuel their inner confidence to share difficult messages without kindling the conflict they dread so much. The act of building self-confidence will help Libras say what needs to be said. 

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♏Scorpio: Smoky Quartz

Scorpios are known to have a powerful and intense presence with a penchant for mystery. They’ll charm with an allure that is almost bewitching. Under that intimidating front lies an extremely emotional individual and craving for intimacy, like all water signs do.

The crystal combined with this mysterious sign is the Smoky Quartz, a powerful talisman that can protect Scorpios from negativity and amplify their intuitive side. So unlike its dark appearance, this crystal gives Scorpios the courage to face their shadows, bringing to light all those situations they need to resolve.


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♐Sagittarius: Turquoise

The free spirit amongst all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius carries with them an innate, almost child-like curiosity and energy wherever they go. Contrary to this youthful disposition, Sagittarius are known for their philosophical views that motivate them to wander and travel in search of the meaning of life.

A Sagittarius just cannot sit still - they are always out and about. Revered for its protective and calming attributes, the Turquoise is the perfect stone to temper Sagittarius’s excessive energies. This soothing quality easily makes it the ideal stone for whenever they are restless (which, let’s be real, is all the time).


♑Capricorn: Garnet

The Capricorns’ grounded and confident nature allows this sign to bring their dreams and visions into fruition. This tunnel vision, however, makes it hard for Capricorns to balance work with relationships. When it comes to the work/sleep/social life balance triangle - forget about asking Capricorns to choose two, we all know there is only one answer.

Rebalance these Capricorn traits with Garnets, a stone that sparks optimism and charisma in a pessimistic Capricorn. Its loving energy will also inspire devotion in relationships, encouraging them to be kind and patient with others.


♒Aquarius: Amethyst

Aquarius can appear on two opposite sides of the spectrum: they can be quiet, aloof and guarded one moment, and free-spirited and eccentric the next. A true rebel at heart, Aquarians are big thinkers who want to change the world.

Embodying a one-of-a-kind violet charm, Amethyst is a power stone that possesses a grounding poignancy that can help an Aquarius to stay in touch with their intuition. This crystal can also help the distant Aquarius to be more receptive to advice and suggestions. This gives way for more harmonious personal and professional relationships.


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♓Pisces: Ametrine

The empath of empaths, Pisces carry with them an enormous depth of compassion and empathy for others, making them more emotional than others. The Zodiac’s sweet summerchild, Pisces are dreamers that have a tendency to float if not anchored down.

Pisces is one zodiac sign that always seems to be in a battle with nobody… but themselves. The Ametrine crystal gives the sensitive Pisces the headspace to balance their tendencies to dream and confront their realities. When this balance is achieved, they will be able to make decisions that better serve them.


Paving Your Way Towards Healing and Self-Discovery

The road to healing and self-discovery is never linear. Often, you will find yourself going up and down; sometimes, the latter more than you would like. To change is undoubtedly scary, but how else are we going to grow?

It will take time and hard work, and you may feel lost and hopeless along the way. But find a reason within yourself to push through and be sure to celebrate each and every milestone, no matter how small.

If crystal healing is the way you want to approach your healing process, let us be part of your journey - add our alternative jewelry to your looks to carry crystal energy with you everywhere you go.

Your life is for your taking.