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A&E Signature Minted Tunnels


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Smoky Dragon's Eye Tunnels
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Glacier Dragon's Eye Tunnels
Orya Tunnels in Gold
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Orya Tunnels in Gold

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Iris Dragon's Eye Tunnels


High-Quality Ear Tunnels 

Curate your collection of eclectic body jewelry with a pair of classic ear tunnels by Ask & Embla. Created with different textures, materials and colours, our ear tunnels come in a range of shapes and sizes for gauged ear piercings in various sizes. 

For an everyday look, reach for our polished steel saddle ear tunnels forged in surgical steel. Ranging in size from 4mm to 50mm, these steel tunnels can be worn alone for a minimalist style or paired with our hangers or earrings for a layered look that's up to you to craft.

Ear Tunnels for All Occasions

A union of comfort, versatility and style, our stretched ear jewelry will be your favourite pieces for any event.  Our best-selling design comes in prismatic colours ranging from smoky grey to ethereal iris. If you prefer to accessorise with contemporary neutrals, consider a pair of handcrafted tunnels made from glass or steel in a finish of your choice. Alternatively, opt for ear tunnels made from semi-precious stones like agate and opalite for a journey away from the ordinary in crystalline cuts. 

If you're looking to craft a more detailed look with your ear piercings, double up your ear tunnels with a pair of ear hangers. Handcrafted and comfortable, our ear tunnels and hangers are created to bring a dose of the extraordinary into the everyday. Match your tunnels with your outfit or make a statement with strikingly vivid colours. Want more everyday earring styles for your gauged piercings? Our selection of ear plugs will be your perfect match.

Shop Ear Tunnels Online at Ask & Embla

Browse our online styling guide for tips on owning your alternative style. If you need help with finding the right size for your jewelry, our jewelry sizing guide will be helpful with finding your recommended fit. Shop online at Ask & Embla and embrace self-expression through creativity. Start your alternative journey with us today. Get your orders faster than ever now with direct shipping from the US and the EU.

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