5 Ask & Embla Signatures You Need in Your Jewelry Collection

Adorn alternative jewelry pieces as unique as you are. With an emphasis on geometric shapes and interesting textures, our Ask & Embla originals are perfect for any individual looking for earrings with an alternative edge.

1. Lobe Cuffs™️


In this chaotic world, the quiet voice of simplicity can be heard loud and clear. Stacked, layered, or worn standalone - our lobe cuffs™️ are timeless pieces that are both beautiful and bold, a must-have for any jewelry collection

We believe in the power of minimalism. Whether you're dressing for a day at work or a night out on the town, these classic earrings are sure to add an alternative silhouette to your look and will never go out of style

Products Featured:

Classic Lobe Cuffs™️

Hammered Lobe Cuffs™️

2. Hangers


Love and strength unite in our hangers, perfect for expressing one’s warrior spirit.

Unleash your inner power with our hangers that add an alternative touch and power to any outfit. You can even pair or mix your favourite ear hangers for a layered look, in a combination of gold, silver, and brass-hued metals. To really make a statement, consider coordinating the finishes of your jewelry pieces for a more cohesive, layered look.

Products Featured:

Classic Croissant Saddle Hangers

Valar Saddle Hangers

Gael Sword Hangers

Gregoria Heart Hangers

3. Ring Stacks

Who says you can't have it all? With our Ring Stacks, you can mix and match your jewelry to create a style that's all your own. 

Whether you're looking for something classic or contemporary, there's something for everyone when you combine our Classic Ring Stack with the Bejewelled Ring Stacks. Choose from White, Blue Topaz or Black Onyx— it’s time to get creative and find the perfect combination for yourself.

Products Featured:

Classic Ring Stack

Bejewelled Ring Stacks

4. Arctic Lilac Flat Back Stud Set


Give your style an extra dose of starlight and add a touch of frosty magic to your look this season. 

Whether you're looking for subtle or eye-catching earrings, our Arctic Lilac Flat Back Stud Set is sure to accentuate your everyday style.

Featuring our Arctic Lilac Flat Back Stud Set with our Knox Lock Huggie Earrings

5. Venus Shell Clicker


Gold and silver are two of the most precious metals in the world. Gold is associated with immortality and royalty, while silver represents purity and strength, the balance between black and white.

They represent their celestial counterparts - the sun and moon - and there's no denying that the allure of these metals is real.

When both metals are used for jewelry, they become even more stunning, creating a style brimming with iridescence.

Featuring our Venus Shell Clicker

Inspire A Style of Your Very Own With Our Handcrafted Alternative Jewelry 

Fashion is an extension of all our personalities. There are no rules when it comes to choosing your jewelry– you can go as simple or complex as you like. Create your own look by wearing and mixing our alternative earrings to get infinite combinations. Browse through our selection of best-selling alternative jewelry on our online jewelry store today.
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