Discover Ask & Embla’s Best Jewelry of 2021

Another year has drawn to a close and we’re sure you’re reflecting on how you’ve changed personally, professionally, and perhaps stylistically! Whether you’ve embraced this year’s newest trends or decided to adopt more minimalist statement pieces with a hint of goth, we’re thrilled to have had our jewelry be part of your 2021 journey. 

As you prepare for 2022, find out which superlative best fits your style and discover the best alternative jewelry pieces to add to your wardrobe. From traditional lobe piercings to pierced or stretched ears, we’ve got all you need to start your new year on the best note.

Quill Crystal Claw Earrings Hammered Lobe Cuffs Croissant Saddle Hangers


Revolutionary and inspiring, your radiating energy flows in multiple directions to leave its mark. You’re never one to be confined in a box – always on the lookout for something fresh and unexpected and never afraid to stand out.

A true campaigner, you’re a memorable individual who carves your own path and rouses others to do the same. There truly is no one else like you.

Mirror your uniqueness with these jewelry pieces:

(From left to right)

Quill Crystal Claw Earrings

Hammered Lobe Cuffs™️

Classic Croissant Saddle Hangers

You possess a natural charm. Entertaining and captivating, everybody loves to have you around – and you flourish in it.

You work your magic simply by being you. With you around, conversations are never dull and good times are always guaranteed which explains why your social calendar is always packed with happy hours, dinner parties and seasonal celebrations.

Elevate your style to match your high spirits with these contemporary pieces:

(From left to right)

Qrissa Bejewelled Titanium Clicker

Qaela Scarab Earrings

Classic Ring Stack in Steel

Bejewelled Ring Stacks

A social chameleon, you possess a social, easygoing exterior that allows you to fit in anywhere and everywhere. You are warmth incarnate; your authentic and friendly nature is the secret.

The unknown doesn’t scare you – you love meeting new people and enjoying new experiences. 

Subtle yet of great substance, these styles are best suited for you:

(From left to bottom right)

Classic Lobe Cuffs™ (2 sizes)

Trinity Titanium Clicker

Ridged Saddle Hangers

Lunar Solstice Flat Back Stud Set

Tria Hoop Earrings Set (Pack of 3)

With your lively, upbeat approach to life, you’re naturally the life of the party. You’re the one everyone goes to for new music recommendations and you never fail to deliver.

You’re the first one to reach for the aux cord everyone lets you because you have great taste and amazingly curated playlists.

Capture and display your bold essence with these quality jewelry pieces:

(From left to bottom right)

Amethyst Teardrop Plugs

Labradorite Stone Plugs

Hark Hammered Ring Clicker

Spike Huggie Earrings

Axel Chain Huggie Earrings

A romance written in the stars, your love story is a modern-day fairytale.

You both are meant to be. Inseparable, you bring out the best in each other, and those around you strive to have what you have.

Display how perfectly attuned you are to each other with these jewelry combinations that make the perfect pairs:

(From left to right)

Drogon Arc Hangers + Classic Lobe Cuffs™ (2 sizes) + Bejewelled Ring Stacks

Vorta Spear Hangers + Classic Lobe Cuffs™ (2 sizes) + Classic Ring Stack in Steel + Torza Titanium Clicker

Classic Court Earrings + Elemental Five Titanium Stud Bundle

Discover the sets that speak to you and enhance your style with an Ask & Embla curation.

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