Ask & Embla’s Christmas Lookbook: An Alternative Style with a Festive Cheer

The long-awaited holidays are upon us. Seeing as how we spent last year’s holidays in lockdown, it’s time to plunge into the jolly spirit tenfold and not let Grinch (read: pandemic) steal Christmas a second time around.

No matter how many times you’ve done it, finding the right holiday ensemble never gets any easier (especially if your style doesn’t technically fit the bill of a holiday get-up). Here’s a selection of styles to help you find the perfect jewelry fitting for the occasion in alternative festive cheer!

Christmas Dinner with Family 🏠🍽🍷

The Christmas season is never complete without a dinner with our loved one. When it comes to finding the right outfit, these dinners call for polished styles but nothing too loud. The secret is to find the perfect balance that seamlessly ties the two together. 

These jewelry pieces are staple styles elevated with festive-looking details and shine. For a more decadent look, you can also create your own ear stack with these styles!

Ask & Embla Lookbook 2021

(From top left to bottom right):
Harper Blade Hangers
Bejewelled Ring Stacks
Lunar Solstice Flat Back Stud Set 
Qrissa Bejewelled Titanium Clicker
Willow Earrings
Laurel Filigree Stud Earrings
Small Classic Halo Hangers
Classic Lobe Cuffs™ (2 Sizes)


Under the Mistletoe 🥀❄️🖤

Could there be a more romantic time of the year? As the temperatures drop, the impulse to snuggle up to your partner is irrepressible, and you have every reason in the world to light a candle or two. Match the mood with these romantic styles that are sure to make the sparks fly. These romantic styles are alluring and enchanting, drawing all the attention to you. Pick between gold and silver to best compliment your skin tone or your outfit.

Ask & Embla Lookbook 2021

(From top left to bottom right): 
Torra Clicker 
Tria Hoop Earrings (Set of 3)
Lucian Cross Hangers
Elaria Filigree Earrings
Ayla Shell Hangers
Gregoria Heart Hangers
Alinea Earrings
Ridged Saddle Hangers


Secret Santa Party at the Office 🎅📆🍾

The holiday seasons aren’t just an excellent time to catch up with your loved ones, but they’re also a great opportunity to bond, form new relationships and make merry. However, dressing up for office holiday parties can often be tricky to navigate - it’s a struggle to choose between looking professional or laid-back.

If you’re someone who loves dressing up for the holidays or you prefer more toned-down outfits that subtly hint at the holiday season, this selection will fit both. Fun and festive - these styles are sure to bring the holiday cheer and could even be a great way for you to show a little more of your personal style at your workplace.

Ask & Embla Lookbook 2021

(From top left to bottom right): 
Gael Sword Hangers
Green Striped Agate Plugs 
Rozar Crystal Serpent Hangers
Hunter Dragon’s Eye Tunnels
Lune Mini Moon Earrings
Aldar Earrings  
Cosmic Odyssey Flat Back Stud Set
Ingrid Earrings 


A Trip to the Christmas Market 🎄☃️🥨

The lights, Christmas tree, the occasional Santa Claus that’s out and about - step out of your home to soak in the festive spirit and celebrate the holiday with your local community. While you’re soaking in the holiday sights and sounds, you’ll want to don on styles that are not just comfortable, but also brilliantly detailed, just in case you want to snap a few pictures on the go. These jewelry pieces will make for a festive look in the alternative way you adore.

Ask & Embla Lookbook 2021

(From top left to bottom right): 
Gretel Locke Hanger 
Grimm Key Hangers
Georgia Baroque Hangers
Valencia Hangers 
Quill Crystal Claw Earrings
Lyla Earrings
Astral Frost Flat Back Stud Set


No matter how you wish to spend and celebrate this holiday season, the end of the year is a great time to slow down. Allow yourself to enjoy a short respite from a year’s worth of hard work.

Make this holiday season even more stress-free with our alternative holiday gift guide to help you score the best gifts for anyone on your list!

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