[Coping with Covid-19] Fear is contagious, but so is love.

✶ There is no better time than now, to pause and remember our own light ✶

Dear Tribe,

With or without a pandemic, your safety, security and customer experience remain our highest priority. But especially during such times, our team is and will continue to be vigilant and dedicated, to make real-time decisions that ensure we do what is best for you.

What is Ask & Embla doing to protect its customers?

At our headquarters, the Ask & Embla team is observing strict hygiene and health monitoring practices. These processes include temperature taking, surface sanitizing, and working from home. Travelling overseas is temporarily restricted for all members on the ground. 

Is it safe to order?

Yes, our products are safe to order.

We are located outside of the risk zone. and your orders are processed by ground staff who are fit for work, and comply with newly implemented precautionary measures.

The COVID-19 virus will survive on surfaces up to several days, according to the World Health Organisation. All outbound products will observe a minimum safe period before being deemed safe for dispatch. The transit time for products between manufacturer, to us, to you is beyond the lifetime of the virus on a surface.

Will I receive my order on time?

We are open, fulfilling orders and operating as usual.

If a product is available on our website, it is physically present with us and able to ship right now as per normal. Up until your order is handed over to a delivery fleet, there will be no delays. 

Your order only may experience a slight delivery delay at the stage where its delivery fleet begins its journey, or at the stage where your local post takes over. This is especially if your order is dispatched via Standard Shipping method. As delivery services around the world are experiencing strains right now, opting for standard delivery will likely lead to delays. We highly recommend opting for express shipping during this time.

Be assured that we are working closely with our shipping partners to resolve these issues and will update our FAQ page and diligently as we can.


If you are feeling anxious, take a moment to call upon these gentle mantras...

Positive resistance 
Resist the pull of fear-based thought patterns present in your physical and digital surroundings. Stay informed, but don’t subscribe to panic on your news feeds.

Stay grounded. Choose love 
Fear is contagious but so is love. Ground yourself, choose love, spread light. 

Stronger together 
No one is alone. We gain strength from solidarity. Create positivity for others to echo.

Ask & Embla
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