Hammered Jewelry: How To Pull Off This Alternative Jewelry Trend

Metal jewelry is a classic go-to for adding a minimalist touch to any outfit. But for those who want to transform their look with subtle details, hammered metal jewelry has become a great alternative jewelry trend to strike a balance between simplicity and intricacy.

The trend has been around for several years, but gained traction in 2021 with features on runway shows for streetwear and high-fashion brands alike.

The main draw of the trend is the texture hammered into metals such as gold, silver, or brass. When done right, this transforms a simple earring, lobe cuff, or hanger into an edgy and unconventional accessory. No additional stones, gems, or glamour needed - just the raw, organic allure of metal that’s been hand-shaped to bring out your own unique style.

Hammered jewelry rejects the polished finery of traditional metal jewelry, conjuring up images of medieval blacksmiths bent over a roaring fire with hammer in one hand and raw metal in the other. The rawness of the texture is embraced, giving each piece of jewelry a bold and textured look and helping to elevate your exceptional attitude in the most unexpected of ways.

Discover hammered jewelry pieces with Ask & Embla and add an unforgettable touch to your next outfit. 

For Statements Looks with Added Strength


Channel the inner warrior in you with hammered jewelry that looks like it was forged by Hephaestus himself. These pieces have been hammered by hand to imbue every inch with medieval wonder, and shaped to resemble blades. Whether anelaced or angular, these hangers for stretched ears are a subtle yet exceptional addition to any alternative jewelry collection. Pair it with a matching textured nose ring clicker to amplify your inner power, and bring forth the confident energy.

Draw your inspiration from these:

Stretched-Ear Jewelry

Harper Blade Hangers

Hark Armour Hangers

Other Alternative Body Jewelry

Hark Hammered Ring Clicker

Staple Details for your Everyday


For those who embrace their inner beauty and grace while making their mark on the world, hammered jewelry can add a textural layer to elevate your look. Paired with bold diamond-like facets, lush curved lines, or delicate tri-fold tips - these pieces speak of a delicate strength within. Go bold and don’t look back with our selection of hoop earrings, or pair them with clickers to leave an impression no one will forget.

Stand apart from the crowd with our favourites:

Stretched Ear Jewelry

Hammered Lobe Cuffs


Vale Arrow Earrings

Valera Arrow Earrings

Sage Fan Earrings

Be Inspired by Astral Accents


Astrology and the heavens have been a phenomenal source of inspiration for humanity for centuries. Channel the wisdom and curiosity of your ancestors with these celestial-themed pieces. The hammered texture of these selections for stretched ears echo the uneven surfaces of moon rocks, asteroids, and shooting stars, empowering you to forge your own path.

Pair them with a curated selection of ear stacks and you can soon carry around your own unique constellation.

Look towards the stars with these stunners:

Stretched Ear Jewelry

Lyra Meteor Hangers

Drogon Comet Hangers

Vorra Asteroid Hangers


Cosmic Odyssey Flat Back Stud Set

Uncover the Beauty of Hammered Jewelry

Hammered jewelry is here to stay, and is a great way to instantly adorn any outfit with your own one-of-a-kind personality. If you are looking for alternative jewelry pieces that are a little more subtle without sacrificing any unique unconventionality, this might be the choice for you. Add a piece or two from our favourite collections, and enjoy free shipping*.

* Minimum order amount for free shipping varies across countries.

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