How to Build a Capsule Alternative Jewelry Collection

Accessorising an outfit should be fun, not stressful. That's why we believe that every individual should have a capsule alternative jewelry collection to complete any look. A capsule collection is a small, carefully curated selection of items that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of different looks.

Getting Started on your Capsule Alternative Jewelry Collection

Building a capsule alternative jewelry collection doesn’t have to be restrictive—in fact, it can be quite the opposite. It is a chance to distill your style down to its very essence and build a collection of pieces that you love to wear and make you feel confident. 

Start by taking inventory of the pieces you already own. Which ones do you wear all the time? Which ones make you feel good when you put them on? A capsule jewelry wardrobe is all about quality over quantity—so take your time choosing pieces that you know you’ll love to wear for years to come.

Key Pieces For A Capsule Alternative Jewelry Collection

Once you have a clear idea of your personal style, you can begin to curate your jewelry collection. Start by removing those that don’t reflect your style. If you’re lost on what type of jewelry to select, below are some tips on how to pick a few key pieces that will help round out your collection.

A capsule collection typically consists of everyday essentials, colourful jewelry, and statement pieces. These jewelry pieces can be worn together or mixed and matched to create looks for different occasions. The key is to choose pieces that are timeless and reflective of your personal style.

1. Everyday Essentials

These are pieces of jewelry that you can put on every day, no matter what the occasion.

The next time you're looking for the perfect finishing touch, don't overlook the classics. Wear timeless 14K gold pieces such as the Yara Crown Threadless Ends and Titan Threadless Ends now and forever. Show your shine and luminosity with versatile silver jewelry like the Hansel Halo Hangers, Plain Crescent Saddle Hangers, and Trinity Rope Clicker. These time-honoured gold and silver designs are always in style. 

Prefer something even simpler? Studs are always a good choice. Wear the small and delicate Ori Dewdrop Titanium Flat Back Stud for a big impact. Sometimes, less is just more.

Products featured:

Stretched Ear Jewelry


Other Alternative Body Jewelry

2. Colourful alternative jewelry to add colour into your life

Life is too short to blend in. Add a dash of your personality to your outfit with colourful alternative jewelry, such as the emerald green Hunter Dragon's Eye Plugs or Rose Quartz Teardrop Plugs. With these bright and vibrant jewelry, you can add a pop of colour to your outfits. 

Or how about matching your gemstones according to your birth month? For example, pick our Crystal Bullet Earrings or Azlar Crystal Serpent Hangers in amethyst to reflect the official birthstone of February and the zodiac sign Pisces. This gemstone has been prized since ancient times for its rich purple colour. 

Products featured:

Stretched Ear Jewelry


3. Alternative statement pieces to help you stand out

While some people prefer to stick to the classics, others may like to experiment with trends. Ditch the conventional and opt for something unique, such as the Volta Saddle Hangers that is perfectly weighted for comfort even with extended wear.

Or express who you are and show your style with alternative jewelry like the Drax Cube Hanger or Hammered Halo Hangers that are sure to put a unique spin on any outfit.

Products featured:

Stretched Ear Jewelry


Build Your Capsule Jewelry With Ask & Embla’s Alternative Pieces

Ditch the feeling of being overwhelmed by your jewelry box and start putting together your very own capsule collection. Building a capsule jewelry collection streamlines your accessorising routine and makes getting dressed in the morning a breeze.

Invest in high-quality pieces from Ask & Embla that you'll treasure for years to come. For more inspiration, check out our style guides to complete your look

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