How We Made our Classic Lobe Cuffs™

Since we’ve launched our Classic Lobe Cuffs, they’ve been met with such an immense outpouring of love and we could not be more proud of our original creation.

The first of its kind for stretched ear jewelry with such versatility, we’ve been enamoured by all the ways they’re being styled – you can check out some way to wear them with our styling guide here.

And with so much excitement around them, we wanted to let you into the thrilling story of their birth!

Hint: Our inspiration goes a long way back in time and even crosses lands and seas 😉

The Inspiration

When we looked at the spectrum of alternative expressions from gothic and punk to bohemian and vintage, we saw an opportunity to create a piece of jewelry that would thrive in the middle of it all.

Our dream for our Classic Lobe Cuffs was for this original creation to only traverse the rich tapestry of the styles in the stretched ear community, but also bridge time – presenting a contemporary cut that subtly nods to the history of body modification.

Layering jewelry for a stacked look is one of the biggest trends today, but just like ear stretching, there lies a much deeper history behind this style…

We took a retrospective look at the jewelry from many early civilizations across the continents and discovered a common thread of armour-like silhouettes with stacked necklaces, armlets, wristlets and other body jewelry.

We saw how this style of stacking jewelry held great importance in building the identities of these historic cultures. We fell in love with how the style had such presence and strength in its appearance.

Deeply inspired and in reverence, we looked to these cultures (of whom some also embraced body modifications like ear stretching) and their style of stacking jewelry and fused that with today’s high-polished, minimal look to forge a design that melds modernity with the ancient.

The Process

We wanted to create a timeless piece that could grow with its wearer.

During the design journey, we paid special attention to the fit of the piece and how it could be crafted to fit the wide spectrum of ear lobe shapes and sizes.

We carefully framed the curve of the body to mirror the natural arc of a stretched lobe. This allowed a natural flow to be created when the piece is worn alone and for it to wear with extra comfort.

We also decided to craft both short and long variations to not only cater to smaller and bigger gauge sizes but open up space for a variety of styling!

As the design wraps around the entire lobe, we devised different drop sizes to cater to different lobe thicknesses so the piece could wear with sublime comfort.

And we are still looking into making more sizes for better fit more lobes 😉


The Final Product

Truly the first of its kind.

The day we were all in anticipation of finally came and your response was what we could only dream of. We were and are still so immensely proud to be able to bring a whole new jewelry design to the stretched ear space that’s like none other.

More than just an original design, our Classic Lobe Cuffs are an expression of how we want to bridge styles and welcome all forms of alternative.

Take your daily slivers of silver and glimpses of gold into curations crowned above the rest with our Original Classic Lobe Cuff.

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