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Mother nature made a @jentonic and we are here for her bouquets! A believer of a floral fantasy, she harmonises her pieces with each body and has fought against the stigma of female tattoo artists to earn her place and make waves in her trade. 

If you come bearing plants and a pick-me-up you might add some extra light to your artists’ day - but always remember to check with them first!

You have a penchant for colourful florals in your tattoo designs. What sparked your interest in botanicals, and how do you choose the colours you pair with them?

I’ve always felt good in nature, and where I grew up we always had fresh bouquets at home.

I just feel the urge to surround myself with plants and smell every flower that I see.

With the colours I just go for what I like to wear on myself when it comes to clothes. I like colours that go well with skin tones and for me that’s yellow, beige, brown, rose, red. Sometimes I add others but that’s my favorite. I want my tattoos to look in harmony with the body.

Have you ever faced discrimination as a female tattoo artist? 

The shop where I started was looking for an apprentice and they almost didn’t pick me because one of the guys wasn’t happy about having a female apprentice in the shop. Also I heard things like that I should rather be a model than an artist and I’m only well known because of my looks. Being judged on your appearance definitely happens way too often to female tattoo artists.


What advice do you have for tattoo artists starting out?

Don’t feel like you’re too good to do something. You won’t get the ‘coolest’ jobs in the beginning but appreciate every little tattoo you make because you will learn essentials from them. Respect every client that trusts you with their skin. One day when you’re better they’ll maybe come back and ask for a sick big piece and tell their friends about you. Without clients we’re no one. Also try different styles. Don’t decide too early that you only want to do one thing. You can learn a lot from other styles and maybe you’ll even discover new interests for the future.

Some clients bring a little gift or snack for their tattoo artists when they come for tattoo sessions. What’s something people should bring for you when they come to get tattooed?

Oh that’s so lovely when they do that. I never expect anything but it definitely makes my day! I’m always happy about plants and flowers or vegan snacks that I can share with my colleagues. But at the end of the day I’m just happy to have a good time with my clients and make them happy.

Who’s a tattoo artist you’d love to be tattooed by, but haven’t gotten the chance to?

Chris Primm, Jacob Gardner, Conor Wearn

What made you start tattooing freckles?

I only did them on myself so far because I love how they look but unfortunately I don’t have any natural ones. I used to draw them on almost daily but I got tired of doing that so I tattooed them myself.

What’s something that everyone getting a tattoo should know but often doesn’t know or forgets? 

That it’s exhausting for your body. Especially big sessions. Taking it easy and resting after getting a tattoo is important.

I think sometimes people forget that it’s a big open wound and a long time of experiencing pain and your body definitely reacts to it in certain ways. Maybe you’ll feel cold or even shaky. Afterwards, you could feel tired and powerless. Don’t make any big plans like traveling back if you’re from far away or going out with friends to drink/party. Eventually, you’ll feel really shit after a session.

Share with us the most memorable/funniest/strangest/embarrassing encounter you’ve ever had with your client.

I sat next to a famous YouTuber on the plane but didn’t know who he was and we started chatting and exchanged numbers to stay in contact. He was from another country and one day, we were messaging in the middle of the night about how he wants his first tattoo and I said if he comes over I’ll do it. He actually came into my shop the next day and booked a flight right after our conversation and flew over in the morning for a little lettering. It might not be the funniest story but it was definitely crazy the moment he showed up at the shop.

If you could exchange lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and what would you?

I’d love to be a man for a day. I guess everyone knows what I would do first haha. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t! 

What is the one thing you cannot live without?


No, I guess it’s social contact. Especially at these times with less social interaction and not seeing my colleagues and clients I realize even more how important it is to me to surround myself with good people. I’m living on my own so being at work or seeing my friends is my social time usually. It’s hard for me to not have anyone around me for a long period of time.

You can find her work on her Instagram page here 

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