Modernising Everyday Outfits With Ask & Embla Threadless Jewelry

If you’re looking for a safe alternative to traditional jewelry then you should be turning your attention to threadless jewelry.

Threadless jewelry carries less risk of infection compared to threaded jewelry , making it a versatile form of jewelry that can be used as everything from nose studs to earrings. This makes styling alternative piercings such as the navel, labret, anti-helix, daith, or tragus easier than ever.

In our journey to inspire you to live uninhibited, unabashed, and unafraid to express who you are through your one-of-a-kind look, Ask & Embla has released our threadless jewelry end caps collection comprising elevated everyday staples to suit any style.

Forget plain stud earrings that are boring and stale – our threadless jewelry is here to prove that simplicity can be stunning while conveying your unique flair.

Go for a Theme

The fastest way to make your outfit look more put together is to commit to a theme – whether that’s a simple minimalist combination in muted earth tones or a maximalist explosion of colours and textures.

Thankfully, our threadless jewelry ends are flexible enough to be used in a wide range of piercings and for any occasion or season.

Highlight the sensuous curves of the Moon Orb Hangers (pictured) and Luna Moon Hangers (pictured) with celestial inspirations like the Auroria Threadless End (14K Gold) (pictured), Lex Threadless End (Titanium), or Ore Threadless End (Titanium) for a lunar-inspired masterpiece.

Go geometric with the bold sharp angles of the Vox Spear Hangers, Morgan Armour Hangers, or Vorta Spear Hangers (pictured) paired with the Quinn Snowflake Threadless End (14K Gold), Lucia Threadless End (14K Gold) (pictured), or Petra Threadless End (14K Gold) (pictured).

Products featured:

Stretched Ear Jewelry:

Other Alternative Body Jewelry:

Stay Simple and Subtle

If your social calendar is packed with weddings or other formal events where you want an outstanding outfit that won’t outshine the star of the show, our gem-studded threadless jewelry is the way to go.

Balance out their full-bodied shine by tempering them with minimalist ear hangers or earrings that favour polished surfaces and well-defined edges – like this stunning combination of the Valar Saddle Hangers, Farah Threadless End (14K Gold), and Titan Threadless End (14K Gold) (all 3 pictured). Pair with cascading, sensuous materials such as satin, silk, or lamé and you’ll be channelling classical-inspired hellenistic glory in an instant.

Textures like the serpentine scales of the Viper Volta Saddle Hangers (pictured) or Serpent Volta Saddle Hangers echoed by the teardrop dragon-scale clarity of the Mara Threadless End (14K Gold) can also help to take a look from simple to sensational being too overpowering.

Iridescent sheens like those of the Tetra Mirror Hangers (pictured) are also a perfect match for the mystifying opaline beauty of the Pixi Threadless End (14K Gold) or Opal Dew Threadless End (14K Gold) (pictured). We know your outfit is handcrafted to tell your unique story – so let our threadless jewelry be what renders everyone speechless.

Products featured:

Stretched Ear Jewelry:

Other Alternative Body Jewelry:

Discover more everyday style inspiration on our Pinterest page or our blog and begin crafting your next sartorial statement. Browse Ask & Embla’s latest collections of stretched ear jewelry, hypoallergenic jewelry, and more online to dive into the depths of alternative style. Cart out today with a minimum spend and enjoy free shipping* and loyalty rewards.

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