What Is Threadless Jewelry?

What Is Threadless Jewelry?

Many of us begin our body piercing journey with threaded jewelry, which is held together by threads on either the front or back piece. Threaded jewelry needs to be screwed on to ensure a secure fit, with the threading resembling a typical screw or nut.

The issue with externally-threaded jewelry is that it carries risks of infection as the threading is machined directly onto the post, which could cause micro-tears as it is inserted into a piercing. Internally-threaded jewelry, on the other hand, is considered safe for all piercings as the threaded section is attached to the end piece, so the post is completely smooth. Ends for internally-threaded jewelry usually fit 2 gauge sizes of posts (eg. an 18g/16g end will fit both 18g and 16g posts).

For jewelry wearers who don’t want to worry about threaded jewelry at all, another safe alternative that’s been gaining traction across jewelry stores is threadless jewelry.

Threadless jewelry consists of a thin straight pin that fits inside a hollow post. When the pin is inserted into the shaft, slight pressure is applied to create a small bend. This keeps both pieces fixed together through tension, and can be adjusted looser or tighter for your comfort.

The Benefits of Threadless Jewelry

Threadless jewelry is a completely safe alternative to threaded jewelry as there are no threads that could injure your piercing or even cause infection. You can find threadless jewelry options for everyday wear including earrings, nose studs, and other body jewelry. Because the jewelry is held together by tension, there is no risk of it coming unscrewed from daily movements and falling apart.

Which Piercings Fit Threadless Jewelry

Threadless posts come in a variety of gauge sizes and styles - flat back, straight, curved, circular - to suit any piercing.

A straight post like our Threadless Flat Back Posts will suit piercings such as:

  • Ear lobe
  • Ear cartilage (helix, forward helix, flat, tragus, anti-tragus, conch)
  • Nostril
  • Lips (medusa, labret)


Threadless curved barbells are also commonly available. These will match piercings that such as:

  • Eyebrow
  • Lips (vertical labret, jestrum)
  • Navel
  • Ear cartilage (rook, anti-helix, snug, daith)

How to Wear Threadless Jewelry

@lana_thegraves in Quinn Snowflake Threadless End (14K Gold)


Threadless Flat Back Post


Removing threadless jewelry is just as easy, simply pull the end and post apart. A slight twisting motion might be necessary, especially if the bend in your pin is particularly sharp.

Threadless ends are only compatible with threadless posts, so you won’t be able to use them with your threaded jewelry. However, you can mix and match threadless ends with any threadless posts such as labret studs, barbells, or banana bars. Ask & Embla’s threadless ends are all compatible with our Flat Back Posts, so you can quickly and easily change your set-up anytime.

Discover stunning threadless jewelry pieces for any occasion with Ask & Embla.

Styling your Threadless Jewelry

Elevate your Everyday Staples


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Start your switch to threadless jewelry with something simple yet stunning. Our minimalist 14K gold ends are topped with crystals and opals to help you uncover your inner elegance. All our 14K gold jewelry also come with a complimentary 1-year warranty to ensure your treasured styles stay true. Find out more about our warranty policy here.

Auroria Threadless End (14K Gold)

Daya Threadless End (14K Gold)

Pixi Threadless End (14K Gold)

Channel Unforgettable Classic Glamour

Take a trip into an age of glamour with our elaborate gold threadless ends studded with jewels and glimmering stones. Drawing inspiration from Art Deco design and vintage jewelry pieces, adorn your outfit with these delicate pieces to add detailed light to your looks.

Farah Threadless End (14K Gold)

Titan Threadless End (14K Gold)

Mara Threadless End (14K Gold)

Stun with a Subtle Flair

For those with more sensitive skin, our titanium ends are universally-tolerated and nickel-free so you can join in on the threadless trend without any worry. Go with something simple like the triple beads of the Lex Threadless End, or opt for some lunar-inspired texture with our Ore Threadless End.

Lex Threadless End (Titanium)

Ore Threadless End (Titanium)

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* Minimum order amount for free shipping varies across countries.
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