What Type Of Goth Are You?

For a long time, goths have been associated with dark colours and sombre music. However, there is more to this culture than meets the eye.

With such a range of subgenres and styles that often overlap, goth culture is never easy to define – but there are a few gothic communities that have established distinct styles that are truly their own.

Whether you're interested in the music, fashion, or even food, there's always a place for you in this community. Read on to find out which big gothic community you're most like! 

1. Traditional Goth

Close-up of a traditional goth / Pinterest

Traditional goth posing in front of a wall / Pinterest

Don't be afraid to express your dark side with traditional goth.

Traditional goths, also known as trad goths, pay a lot of homage to 80s goth roots, hence the term “traditional”. Contrary to what many people believe, traditional goth isn't about depression and doom. It's actually a celebration of all things dark, mysterious, and slightly macabre. 

There is something undeniably appealing about this style—the all-black clothing, the dramatic makeup, and the dark eyeliner can make anyone feel like a vampire queen or gothic rebel. With its emphasis on individualism and creative expression, traditional goth provides a unique perspective on fashion and art that is worth exploring.

Style Features of Traditional Goths

  • Androgynous clothes that are often ripped or tattered
  • Various piercings on the lip, eyes, and ears that are adorned with studded accessories 
  • Dark, teased hair
  • Smokey eye makeup on pale skin
  • Leather garments and shoes
  • Metal accessories

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2. Pastel Goth

Goth girl with pastel grey hair/ Pinterest

Pastel goth girl in a bold blue lipstick colour and oversized shirt / Pinterest

Goth girl with a pastel blue hair colour / Pinterest

Pastel goth is the perfect mix of sweet and dark. It is a unique and inspirational look that combines soft colours with an edgy twist. The biggest key trait of pastel goth is the essence of kawaii, inspired by the Japanese anime scene.

This softer, more ethereal version of goth is perfect for the summer months. It's delicate and cute, with a touch of alternative edge.

Style Features of Pastel Goths

  • Pastel hair colours such as pink, blue, silver, and white 
  • Bold lipstick colours such as black and purple
  • Oversized shirts or sweaters
  • Flowy textures (e.g. tulle skirts) paired with edgier accessories like fishnet stockings 
  • Thigh high socks with platform shoes

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3. Romantic Goth


@lasorgentepagana wearing our Cedric Earrings, posing in a precisely carved poise.

Romantic goth is all about incorporating dark and ethereal details into your style, showing that it's possible to be both beautiful and darkly romantic at the same time. Romantic goths may dress in black or other sombre colours, but their souls are full of light. They see the world through a dark and melancholy lens, but also appreciate the beauty in life.

An artist in every sense of the word, romantic goths have a strong appreciation for the arts and share a love for poetry and literature. They are always pushing boundaries and taking risks, with a unique look and approach to life.

Features of Romantic Goths

  • Victorian-era clothes, made of lace, velvet, or netting
  • Soft make-up, with pale foundation, "cat's eye" eyeliner, and dark lipstick
  • Splashes of colour to darker shades of clothing
  • Hair is long and straight or have soft waves

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4. Cyber Goth

Cyber goth wearing a black gas mask / Pexels

Cyber punk with a purple hairstyle / Pinterest

While their look may be unconventional and startling to mainstream crowds, there is something undeniably intriguing about cyber goths.

A fusion of cyberpunk and goth subcultures, cyber goth is a style all its own. It is all about incorporating futuristic elements such as gas masks, goggles, and sunglasses into your look to create a dark as well as unique aesthetic.

Style Features of Cyber Goths

  • Neon hair or highlights
  • Futuristic accessories such as gas masks and goggles
  • Platform or military-style boots
  • Dark-based clothes with accents of bright neon colours

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5. Emo Goth


Emo goth girl in coloured hair and dark make-up / Pinterest

Emo goth guy / Pinterest

Emo goth in leather jacket / Pinterest

Emo goth is a blend of both Emo and Goth, two subcultures that branched off from the Punk music genre. There's a certain allure to the emo goth look. It's dark and layered, a way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd. The most eye-catching feature of emo goths is their style —a cross between trad goths and modern Emo. With the right jewelry, you can create an ensemble that is both stylish and striking. 

Style Features of Emo Goths

  • Dark eye makeup
  • Long hair covering part of the face
  • Piercings in ears, brows, lips, and nose
  • Leather jackets with band shirts and skinny jeans
  • High-top sneakers such as Converse

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Embrace Your Gothic Uniqueness

There are many different types of goths. No matter which type of goth you are, embrace your uniqueness and be proud of who you are. Being a goth is about expressing your style freely and being true to yourself.

Go ahead and find your niche within the goth community. There is a place for everyone, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what feels right for you.

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