About Us


We are Ask & Embla; and we believe in being part of something different.

In essence, Ask & Embla means ‘Adam & Eve’. As narrated in Norse mythology, Ask & Embla were the progenitors of humankind; the first man and woman divinely bestowed by Odin, the All-Father, the ability to act, think, speak and feel. The symbols and stories of Norse lore speak strongly of duality and co-existence, forming the tenets of Ask & Embla’s brand and design ethos. We fuse the dark & light, and the masculine & feminine through our jewelry & object design.

Just as Norse mythology commemorates duality and the existence of many sentient modalities, Ask & Embla's inspiration comes from a myriad of alternative influences, within which a common thread of expression was found – body adornment and going against the grain.

Both of these play major roles in alternative self expression. 
‘Alternative expression’ is genderless, ageless and multiform with no fixed way of appearance. 

Ask & Embla celebrates the misfits, the believers, the round pegs in square holes and everyone in between. Everyone deserves to own who they are; we create the jewelry so you can do it with pride.

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We are passionate about our jewelry and are conscious of the regulations and standards regarding body-safe materials and production for the body jewelry industry. As we grow, we are continuously striving to improve and achieve the best possible standards.



Our jewelry is forged with rich materiality to deliver the best comfort, durability and style. Learn more about the materials we use here.


The Team 

Ask & Embla is a minority-owned brand that advocates the power of diversity. We believe in having inclusive hiring practices that offer individuals fair opportunities regardless of their ethnicity, religion, education, experience and physical ability.

Our team spans Singapore (HQ), Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Spain, Ukraine and Russia. Working with a large radius of dynamic individuals has been one of our greatest joys and we look forward to broadening our team as we grow.

Our Community

We proudly support equality and human rights for everyone. With our broad expression of customers, we embrace all and want to put all our customers at the heart of our brand. We also understand the influence that brands have in shaping conversations and we are believers in using our voice as a platform to spread awareness for issues that matter and promote solidarity amidst injustice.


At Ask & Embla, we want to ensure our growth is sustainable for our home. This means making the best choices for both our planet and our people.

Sustainable jewelry

We recognise that sustainability is a journey. We are continuously exploring the use of body-safe, sustainable and recycled metals to deliver pieces that anyone will be proud to own.

Many of our designs today are crafted using EcoBrass® which is a lead-free brass alloy. It is 100% recyclable and more Earth-friendly compared to conventional metals that contribute to heavy metal pollution. And it is just one of the materials we have adopted to make our products and manufacturing processes more environmentally conscious.

Not only do we want our jewelry to be good for the Earth, we also want to ensure that our brand positively impacts the people we work with. In crafting and designing our handmade jewelry, we work closely with local artisans and craftsmen from various regions. Our jewelers are essential to our brand. We deeply value the relationship we share with them and have the best intentions for them to flourish together with us.

Sustainable packaging

While we aspire to achieve zero waste with our packaging materials in the near future, we also want to ensure that our packages reach our customers in faultless condition.

At present, our packaging boxes are made from paperboard and recycled cardboard which are both 100% biodegradable and compostable. Our paper inserts are also printed on FSC® certified paper which has been harvested in a responsible manner. We are devoted to finding the best solutions to make the remaining of our packing materials fully sustainable so that we and our customers care for our home as it deserves.