What is 925 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver (or simply, Sterling Silver or 925 Silver) is a highly-esteemed precious material used in jewelry crafting. 

Sterling Silver is a metal alloy. This means that it is a combination of different metals, rather than one single pure metal. The term "925" refers to the alloy’s 92.5% pure Silver content. The remaining 7.5% of its make-up is composed of other metals to enhance its durability. This addition is essential to bolster its strength, as pure Silver is by nature, soft and easily bent.

The benefits of 925 Silver jewelry

  1. Hypoallergenic

    The 925 Sterling Silver that we use to craft our demi-fine pieces are all nickel free, making them hypoallergenic and the perfect choice for people with nickel sensitivity and allergy.

  2. Lasting durability

    925 Sterling Silver is a popular choice for jewelry as it’s more resistant to scratches, and wear and tear. This makes 925 Silver jewelry great ‘investment’ pieces as they’re made to last and ​​age beautifully to look better over time.

  3. Suitable for daily wear

    Thanks to its exceptional durability and hypoallergenic quality, Sterling Silver jewelry is a great choice for anyone looking for jewelry that can be worn every day.

  4. Easy to maintain

    Sterling Silver jewelry is easy to care for, requiring only occasional polishing and upkeep.

  5. Allows for precise execution of intricate designs.

    It excels at preserving intricate details and ensuring precise execution in designs.


With proper care, your 925 Silver demi-fine jewelry will mature finely over time, growing to reflect your journey and wear. With each wear, your piece will subtly transform, and overtime, build a distinctive character and patina, increasing in luster while still retaining its inherent beauty.

To help maintain the look of your jewelry, polish it every few weeks using a Silver polishing cloth. You can also keep your jewelry in a felt pouch or wrap it in a lint-free cloth or jewelry cleaning cloth to prevent accidental scratches from forming during storage.

Remove your 925 Silver jewelry before swimming or showering, and keep it away from contact with perfumes, lotions, oils and harsh chemicals like household cleaning solutions that may contain chlorine or bleach. 

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