Honoring our past, embracing experimentation and expressing the voice of our generation.

Made for all to embrace their individuality and make a bold statement with confidence: presenting unapologetic expressions, defiant attitudes and all-new acts of rebellion that celebrate the existence of the rebel in all of us.

This season, we looked back at our favourite musicians and artists from our younger years, who were heavily influenced by the punk movement and its embrace of individuality, creativity, and non-conformity, and reimagined it for today.

With music and fashion so intertwined as means of one's identity and self-expression, the musicians of this era served as fashion icons and trendsetters. They used their style to not only make a statement but create a distinct aesthetic that allowed the punk community to outwardly express their discontentment with mainstream culture.

Today, we see "punk" thriving as an attitude that advocates freedom, embraces unapologetic self-expression and upholds individuality and agency - inspiring all with the boldness to be who they are.

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