At Ask & Embla, we believe in crafting exquisite jewelry that follows you on your journey—this means paying great attention to details at every step of our design and production process. We’ve harnessed years of experience from our multi-generational jewelry artisans, and alongside our dedicated team of in-house jewelry designers, forge innovative pieces that continuously push the boundaries and possibilities of alternative jewelry.

Made with heart and soul, each design goes through its own unique journey of creation from start to finish, where every aspect—design, material, weight, fit, coating, finishes and mechanism—is thoughtfully considered and perfected to deliver the best wearing experience for our customers.

It all starts with a sketch from our founder and team of in-house jewelry designers, where all designs are closely inspected by our founder for design finalization. From the drawing block, designs are then rendered in 3D and materialized by our jewelry artisans by hand carving prototypes out of wax or 3D printed, before being casted in metal to create the first sample.

Sample prototypes go through rigorous testing and refinement, depending on the complexity of the design. Our cult-favorite Classic Lobe Cuffs™ took over 8 prototypes before it was approved for production. Fit and comfort is our top priority, especially more so for our stretched ear jewelry categories that require proportionately balanced design and weight, to ensure maximum comfortability that accommodates across various gauge sizes.

Perfecting a piece of jewelry becomes more challenging as the design gets more intricate and smaller in size, while incorporating unique custom closure mechanisms for ease of wearability. Our Sin Serpent Lobe Cuff™ are a true testament to our precision and craftsmanship, emphasizing on the attention and artistry down to the minute details.

In the final stages of the crafting process, all jewelry is finished by hand. From assemblage and soldering, to buffing, polishing and hand-brushing patina finishes, our jewelry artisans lovingly refine each piece to perfection. For special designs like our duo-toned Sacrament Ring, the 14K Gold heart center detailing is intricately hand-painted individually.

At Ask & Embla, we take quality control seriously. Before our jewelry is ready for our customers, they are closely inspected by our founder and team, with the process taking up to 3 weeks. We choose to personally review all final pieces individually to ensure that every piece of jewelry meets our standards before they are released for sale.

We take immense pride in crafting not just mere jewelry, but adornments for the soul. Discover the spirit and craftsmanship unique to Ask & Embla with our ICONS—our trove of hallmark pieces and uncover the creative influences and stories that inspire our design philosophy in Our Universe.

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