Elgon Teardrop Plugs

Beautifully intricate brass motif with an abalone shell mandala eye. Set on a smooth, polished dark wood base. 

Each piece is made with love, with every intricate detail skilfully designed by hand. All products are made ethically, no sweatshops involved.

Due to its handmade nature, please allow for some scruffs and minor imperfections. No two pairs are the same — every individual product is uniquely yours.

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. To order a pair, please select '2' under 'Quantity'. 

Plug Size Width x Height Measurement  Circumference
16mm 12.5mm x 19.5mm 52mm
18mm 14.5mm x 21.5mm 60mm
20mm 16mm x 23mm 70mm
22mm 17.5mm x 25mm 75mm
24mm 21mm x 27.5mm 79mm
26mm 22mm x 29mm 85mm
28mm 23.5mm x 31.5mm 90mm
30mm 26mm x 34mm 95mm
32mm 27.5mm x 36.5mm 105mm
34mm 29.5mm x 38mm 110mm
36mm 30.5mm x 42mm 120mm
38mm 32.5mm x 45mm 130mm
40mm 35mm x 45mm 130mm
42mm 36mm x 48mm 135mm
44mm 37.5mm x 50.5mm 143mm
46mm 39.5mm x 52mm 150mm
48mm 41mm x 54.5mm 155mm
50mm 43.5mm x 57mm 160mm


Please view important sizing information below.


Saddle Plugs

All sizes measure the width of final/inner wearable area. Please take note of, and account for an additional 1–2mm riff and flare area when ordering double flare and/or riff products for your size.

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