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Cherub Charm

Cherub Charm

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An envoy of love's enchantment, the Cherub Charm cradles ethereal innocence, frozen forever in heaven's hold. 360° designs with details all-round.

Each charm comes a with a complimentary charm clasp for easy attachment to any base jewelry. Compatible with any base jewelry of your choice from The Charm Lab series. Collect charms and design your own collection that tells your story.

Sold individually. Each piece is lovingly crafted by hand, under ethical working conditions. Please allow for minor imperfections that are true to handcrafted jewelry. No two pieces are the same — every individual product is uniquely yours.

  • Clasp included with every charm
  • Compatible with our exclusive base jewelry
  • 15% off your first order
  • Free standard shipping to select countries


Style: Charm

Base material: Brass

Finishing : White Bronze Plating with hand brushed patina and ceramic E-coating

Can be autoclaved: No


Per piece:

Height: 29.3mm

Width: 15.1mm

Weight: 5 grams

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Cherub Charm
Cherub Charm
Regular price $55.00 CAD
% OFF Back Soon