Enter Our Universe
Step into our universe and discover the creative influences and stories that inspire our design philosophy.
Explore the heart and soul of our brand DNA that fuels all our creations and unlocks endless possibilities for us to express and celebrate who we are.
Our Core Collections
Ask & Embla’s core collections; Icons and Essentials reflect the sacred dualism that sustains our world.
They embrace opposing qualities of ornamental and foundational elements which interdependence creates balance and harmony. The conception of these curations, as diametrically opposed designs, harken back to Norse mythos of duality and co-existence.

Ornamental – intricate, signature styles to enrich a collection. Our trove of hallmark pieces that reflect the spirit and craftsmanship unique to Ask & Embla.

Foundational – evergreen and polished staples to ground a collection. Our series of timeless basics that present classic silhouettes for all expressions.