Our Brand Protection Strategy

At Ask & Embla, our mission is to create products that help our customers feel closer to their fullest selves. We take pride in the conception and craftsmanship of each jewelry piece, honouring them as not just objects, but adornments for the soul.

As our brand grows and our product range continues to evolve, we are committed to strengthening our Intellectual Property (IP) protection in order to preserve the authenticity, trust and integrity of your experience with us.

Our brand name is registered internationally to safeguard our innovative jewelry and other creations in key markets. We have a dedicated team established to monitor and combat counterfeiting activities, working closely with law enforcement agencies and e-commerce platforms to identify and take action against those who seek to deceive our customers with copyright infringements and unauthorised reproductions of our designs.


Identifying Counterfeits and Protecting Authenticity

If you encounter any instance of listings that appear to be resembling or replicating our jewelry pieces, or imitating our brand, please send the details to and our legal team will promptly address the issue.

If you encounter instances of possible counterfeits and are unsure of their legitimacy, do not hesitate to reach out. Your identity will remain confidential throughout this process.

Community Support and Appreciation

The support from our community has been instrumental in building and defending the Ask & Embla brand. Your vigilance has played a crucial role in both protecting our IP and upholding the quality of the brand experience for everyone.

As a gesture of our gratitude, we may reach out to offer tokens of appreciation for your efforts in supporting our brand and our initiatives to protect our IP.