Shipping & Delivery

[Updates to on-site pricing – EU/UK countries affected]
Please refer to our FAQ page for latest shipping and delivery news.

What has changed?

There has been a change in the VAT rules implemented from 1 July 2021 which subjects all commercial goods imported into the EU to VAT irrespective of their value; this is applicable to cross-border B2C companies like us.

You can click here for more details about these changes:

Why do the prices differ when I switch to EUR & GBP?

If you’re residing in a country within the European Union or United Kingdom, we are pleased to inform you that we are offering a "Tax and Dutie Paid Service" to pay any tax and duties on your behalf. So, when purchasing from our store in EUR & GBP, you will not need to worry about incurring additional costs when your parcel arrives in your country!

The price that is reflected includes [original price in USD + VAT + currency conversion].

With this change, we hope to lessen the cost for overseas customers importing goods into the EU and UK. Otherwise, affected customers will have to pay both VAT and a handling fee which may amount to 40 Euros or more.

Why do I have to pay for Express shipping despite hitting the minimum order value for Free Express shipping?

For orders below EUR 150 or GBP 135, we will be paying VAT on your behalf so you will not have to pay any duties or taxes.

However, orders above EUR 150 or GBP 135 are classified as large value orders by EU and GB customs authorities and customers will have to pay [VAT + Import Taxes + Handling Fees] for them. We have bundled this into your shipping rate so that you will not have to make any additional payments to your local customs when you receive your order. If you have any issues clearing your local customs, feel free to reach out to our customer support team at Our team will be happy to help!

Can I checkout in USD, even though the shipping address is to non-US countries ?

For countries in Europe, UK, Canada and Singapore, the prices will be automatically converted to the respective currency suited for your shipping address during checkout.


[Covid-19 Shipping updates]

All information below is standard information prior to the Covid-19 affairs.

Important information:

Do read this before ordering.

Once your shipment is turned over to the postal service in your country, it is marked as delivered in our system. While many packages make it to their final destination without issues, we are not responsible for unsuccessful deliveries or missing parcels caused by your local postal system. We do our utmost for what is within our control, but are not responsible for errors outside our jurisdiction.

Kindly follow your order journey via the tracking link sent to the email associated with your order, and resolve unsuccessful delivery attempts, delivery delays, and other delivery-related issues (such as insufficient address information) directly with your postal service.

We seek your understanding that we are unable to help with such delivery problems.

Am I eligible for free shipping?

Free standard shipping is eligible for final order value of US$70 & above (after discounts), with an exception for Canadian and Singaporean customers.

* For Canadian customers, the minimum order value to hit free standard shipping is US$80
* For Singaporean customers, the minimum order value to hit free standard shipping is US$30

For non-wholesale customers, if you your final order value is US$150 & above (after discounts), free EXPRESS shipping will be automatically available to you for selection at checkout.

Do note that free express shipping may not be applicable to all regions due to the limitations of postal services. In such scenarios, our customer service team will reach out to you to resolve the issue. We hope to seek your understanding on this.

Applicable to these selected countries only:
Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United States and United Kingdom

Where does Ask & Embla ship to?

We ship internationally, with orders dispatching from the USA, Europe, or Singapore depending on your address.

How much is the shipping rate to my country?

All orders above USD$70 (final value after discounts) qualify for free standard shipping, with an exception for customers in Canada and Singapore. The shipping rates for orders below USD$70 vary, depending on country. Shipping estimates can be calculated before checkout.

How long does it take for my parcel to reach me?

Express shipping: 2-4 working days

Regular shipping:

Please note that these are estimates of the time it takes for a package to be sent to you---including order confirmation, packing, and transit. The delivery timings of each parcel may change from time to time, depending on variables like weather conditions, customs, etc. You may also check in on your delivery status from your tracking number and link.

(Working Days)
Austria 5 - 9
Belgium 5 - 9
Bulgaria 5 - 9
Croatia 5 - 9
Cyprus 5 - 9
Czech Republic 2 - 9
Denmark 5 - 9
Finland 5 - 9
France 5 - 9
Germany 5 - 9
Greece 5 - 9
Hungary 5 - 9
Ireland 5 - 9
Italy 5 - 9
Latvia 5 - 9
Liechtenstein 5 - 9
Lithuania 5 - 9
Luxembourg 5 - 9
Malta 5 - 9
Netherlands 5 - 9
Norway 6 - 9
Poland 5 - 9
Portugal 5 - 9
Slovakia 2 - 9
Spain 5 - 9
Sweden 5 - 9
Switzerland 5 - 9
United Kingdom 5 - 8
Rest of Europe 7 - 21
Asia Pacific
Australia 6 - 10
Hong Kong 7 - 12
Japan 7 - 12
South Korea 7 - 12
New Zealand 9 - 14
Taiwan 7 - 12
Rest of Asia Pacific 7 - 21
Canada 6 - 21
United States of America 1 - 8
Rest of South America 7 - 21


Do I have to pay taxes?

It depends on the country you reside in. Any additional taxes, fees, tariffs, import fees, and surcharges levied by destination countries are the sole responsibility of the customer. Ask & Embla is not responsible, and cannot determine in advance the amount, if any, that will be charged. Please check with customs of your country to ascertain if any additional charges will be applied to your order.

By completing your order, you agree to pay all applicable fees. If your package is seized by customs officials for any reason whatsoever, we cannot issue you a refund unless all products are returned to us in their original condition.

Note: Shipping to Brazil

Regular shipping to Brazil is suspended due to delivery fulfilment challenges presented by ‘Despacho Posta’” charges imposed by Correios. We are working to resolve this issue with Brazil customs as soon as we can.

Express shipping (2-4 days) is available via DHL Express for customers who are willing to pay any incurred taxes and duties, as well as additional fees upon the package’s arrival in Brazil.