The history of Valentine's Day and Jewelry

While its origins are shrouded in mystery, Valentine's Day possibly dates back to ancient times ‐ with some suggesting pagan roots. Today, the holiday is most commonly associated with the story of Saint Valentine ‐ a Roman priest who lived during the third century.

Legend has it, he was set to be executed for secretly performing marriages, which was forbidden by the emperor. On the day of his execution, St. Valentine wrote a farewell letter to a blind woman named Julia (who happened to be the daughter of the judge) and to whom he had previously miraculously restored sight to.

The letter was signed "From Your Valentine", becoming the first Valentine's Day card and starting the tradition of exchanging cards on this special day.

By the 19th century, the rise of advanced manufacturing processes led to the mass production of jewelry, making it a more accessible luxury item. This led to jewelry becoming a popular choice for gifts, especially on Valentine's Day and unlike flowers, chocolate, or cards, which may wither, get consumed, or lost, jewelry remains a timeless treasure that's cherished every time it's worn.

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