Alternative Expressions shatters conventional thought, unlocking a radical exploration across our Circle’s diverse domains. From its depths emerges our community’s unique art, practised with devotion to illuminate various facets of their being.

Meet the extraordinary minds behind Alternative Expressions, Halloween Edition:

  • Selina Grazia (@selinagraziaart), a contemporary artist intertwining art, nature, and science in her intricate compositions.
  • Skye (@queenofskulls), the mastermind behind "Queen of Skulls," sparks profound conversations on life and mortality through her captivating dark art, while also excelling as a Global IT Systems Manager.
  • Taylor Reynolds (@tayl_or_treat), an esteemed purveyor of the paranormal and macabre, blurs the boundaries between the living and the unknown through a mesmerising blend of Gothic and Victorian aesthetics



This Halloween, the veil between worlds thins as we immerse ourselves in the enigmatic world curated by Taylor Reynolds of @tayl_or_treat, an esteemed purveyor of the paranormal and macabre. Known for captivating legions of supernatural enthusiasts with her collection of mysterious artefacts and her affection for the Gothic, Victorian, and Renaissance eras, Taylor's abode stands as an exquisite gallery, housing an eclectic array of curiosities, from vintage ouija boards to carefully preserved taxidermy specimens.

Taylor's interior decor blends the opulence of Victorian aesthetics with the captivating darkness of Gothic design, creating an irresistible sense of bewitchment that blurs the line between reality and the supernatural. With an eye for the unconventional and a profound respect for the mysterious, Taylor captivates those brave enough to explore her realm. Delve into the depths of her exquisite curation, witnessing how she artfully integrates our alternative jewelry, adding an extra touch of mystique to her already spellbinding aesthetic.



Q: Can you tell us your name and occupation?

Selina Grazia, contemporary artist

Q: What makes it so enjoyable and how does it relate to your personal interests?

My work explores the intersection of my three passions in life, art, nature and science. Exploring the balances between the three and making nature more accessible to people in the form of contemporary fine art.

Q: What’s one memorable experience you’ve had on the job?

Travelling to Venice last year to take part in the Venice International Art Fair. It was during a heat wave so it was not as busy as usual and it felt like I had the city to myself, it was a really memorable experience.

Q: What’s your most favourite work that you’ve done?

I have recently completed my largest work to date, a composition of 23 gilded pieces. This is a piece I have been working on all year, reserving certain insects for it, like the rare orchid bee.



Q: Can you tell us your name and occupation?

My name is Skye and I have multiple occupations – by day I work as a Global IT Systems Manager and by night I create unique dark artwork under the alter ego ‘Queen of Skulls’.

Q: Why did you choose to do the work that you do now?

Queen of Skulls is the result of a lifelong passion for dark art combined with the drive to express the more alternative side of my personality whilst living and working in a mainstream lifestyle. I began collecting bones and skulls at the age of four and have had an intense fascination with gothic style and the life-death cycle for as long as I can remember. Through my artwork I try to encourage open and candid discussions around the topic of life and death, exploring the psychology of our cultural perceptions of the subject.

Q: What makes it so enjoyable and how does it relate to your personal interests?

Creating artwork using skulls allows me to express a side of my personality that isn’t considered to be the ‘social norm’. It opens up my social circle to meet and interact with deeply complicated and highly interesting personalities whose paths I would never have otherwise crossed. Connecting with like-minded souls all over the world brings me so much joy!

Q: What’s your most favourite work that you’ve done?

My favourite skulls are the pieces that I worked on directly after the death of my parents. The act of creation and throwing myself into Queen of Skulls really helped me with my personal grieving process – I strongly believe that creating art feeds the soul and can be healing in so many ways.

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