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Ask & Embla

Crystal Bullet Earrings

Crystal Bullet Earrings

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Crystals cut for spiritual growth and wisdom perfectly set tight in tandem with our crowd-favourite metallic huggie earrings.

Two bullet-shaped earrings with hanging precious gems. Adorn in Amethyst for insight and intuition or christen in Clear Quartz to bring your being into balance.

Gold and Silver huggie-handles polished for an Ask and Embla fit you’ll know and love as you uplift your day.

Sold in a pair.


Each piece is lovingly crafted by hand, under ethical working conditions. Please allow for minor imperfections that are true to handcrafted jewelry. As these are made of natural quartz, the opacity of the stones will vary. No two pieces are the same — every individual product is uniquely yours.

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Style: Ear Dangles

Earring post & body

Base material: 316L stainless steel


Coating: 14K gold electroplating


Coating: rhodium electroplating


Clear crystal: Clear crystal quartz

Amethyst crystal: Amethyst quartz

Can be autoclaved: No

Suitable for healed piercings only.


Per piece

Size: 1mm (18g)

Inner diameter: 9mm

Outer diameter: 13mm

Crystal height: 25.5mm

Weight: 6g

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