Our Story

Ask & Embla is an Alternative Jewelry brand created in 2013, its conception firmly rooted in the creed of Norse Mythology. We create not mere jewelry, but adornments for your soul.

The saga of Ask and Embla, who are the original man and woman in Norse lore as 'Adam and Eve' were, and other myths from Prose Edda form the creative wellspring from which we drew our name and inspiration.

We envision a diverse and inclusive world where everyone has endless possibilities to be who they want. A place where change-makers; rebels, mystics, and romantics, are celebrated and loved. Our purpose is to inspire and empower you to be your fullest self, so you can make a unique and positive mark on the world.


The Norse mythos are rich with narratives of duality and co-existence, embracing the quality of light and darkness, creation and destruction, and an equilibrium between 9 worlds in their cosmos.

Our visualisation of duality lies not in mere opposites, but in a divine balance. We regard the night not as the absence of day, but as a silhouette carved by the day's light. We see the masculine not as a counter to the feminine, but as a symbiotic complement. This vision of duality is fused into every piece we design.

The 3 worlds in the Ask & Embla universe that form our DNA →

Gothica 01

Our founder’s dark muse of pagan, occultic, and Byzantine visions, born at the threshold of her Catholic upbringing and quest for liberation.

A candle lit to revelations beyond dogma, with gothica, she merges the sacred and spectral. Here, chaos coexists with harmony. As with darkness, so does hope.

Mythology 02

Mythology echoes pantheons of gods and goddesses, mythical creatures and sacred symbols. Our DNA is terrestrial, celestial.

In Ask & Embla, mythology transcends inspiration, honouring age-old wisdom; our portal to explore dimensions beyond earth.

Ethnology 03

Ethnology embodies native elements and ethnic virtues. traditions of modification of our flesh to adorn not only the body, but also the soul.

The essence of raw textures and handcrafted imperfection, a celebration of our ancient cultures evoke our ancestral connections. a tribute to our collective human heritage.

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