The alternative jewelry you need to headline your festival fits. Take these ear stacks and jewelry sets for perfect vibes to match the newest festival trends or mix and match this curation of styles to set your own stage.
It’s all about the layering. Make for maximalist stacks with a mash up of crystal accents, bejewelled styles and engraved designs that’s sure to get any crowd going.
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A minimalist look dialed all the way up. Line up your favourite earrings, hoops and clickers for a set to remember and throw in studs or threadless ends to catch more light.
Hit all the notes with that perfect striking piece. Go with a statement hanger or earring that suits the central theme of your outfit and pair it with more subtle clickers or studs.
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A minimalist stack with a touch of gothic edge. The perfect combination of classic Ring Stack styles and cult-faves fit for all expressions.
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A minimalist motley with a grunge burnish. Classic styles layered for a potent pose that’s customisable for all ear gauges.
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When spring is in balance, melt into a medley of minimalist hoops to stack or dramatic details that mirror the magic of newness.
Constructed for the most gallant. A set of geometric stretched ear jewelry polished in silvered light to catch new angles.

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