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Saddle Hangers

Saddle hangers crafted by Ask & Embla are the perfect pairings for stretched ears. Plug into any style and cast your unique combinations that express your alternative self.

Set your celestial tone with our crescent moon hanger earrings or find minimalist sets inspired by a few of our favourite contemporary jewelry designs. With a saddle fit and dangling effect, our collection of saddle ear spreaders bring forth a treasury of styles for your picking.

Styles that Speak to All

Designed with daring brushes of sweeping curves and bold lines, find new ways to take your daily jewelry collection to all new styles. From sleek silvers to glimpses of brass and gold, celebrate balanced structures with our range of exclusive and original saddle spreaders. Create a tapestry of looks with our curation of saddle hangers to complement your personal style or the occasion you’re dressing for.

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