Plugs & Tunnels

Stretched Ear Jewelry

Stand in a league of your own with our collection of original and exclusive stretched ear jewelry. Uncover a diverse range of unique plugs and tunnels for stretched ears that effortlessly elevate your style.

Staple Ear Gauge Jewelry With Elevated Designs 

Made by alternative souls, for alternative souls. Whether you’ve only just begun your ear piercing journey or have flourished to larger gauges, let your inner edge shine with our lustrous selection of stretched ear jewelry in an abundance of shapes, sizes, and styles. 

Find your perfect fit with our collection of plugs and tunnels made for a range of small and big ear gauges. Our ear stretching jewelry are carefully designed and crafted with precise body lengths and weights to wear with maximum comfort.

Explore semi-precious materials like amethyst, agate and opalite. Or add a subtle, tribal touch to your jewelry collection with our cool-toned collection of Dragon's Eye Plugs also available in teardrop shape and tunnels.

Own Your Alternative Edge

All our stretched ear jewelry is one-of-a-kind and delicately hand-crafted with rich materiality. Our designs are inspired by the vast spectrum of alternative styles and use body-safe materials such as glass and silicone to forge the perfect piece to wear.

Kit your collection out with our spectrum of plugs, tunnels and saddle hangers for stretched ears. Enjoy free international shipping with a minimum spend when you buy from our online store.

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19. Amethyst
Smoky Quartz
20. Smoky Quartz
Dark Gold
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Gun Metal
22. Gun Metal
Gold with Black Onyx Cubic Zirconia
23. Gold with Black Onyx Cubic Zirconia
Silver with Black Onyx Cubic Zirconia
24. Silver with Black Onyx Cubic Zirconia
Gold with Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia
25. Gold with Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia
Silver with Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia
26. Silver with Blue Topaz Cubic Zirconia
Silver with White Cubic Zirconia
27. Silver with White Cubic Zirconia
Gold with White Cubic Zirconia
28. Gold with White Cubic Zirconia
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