Drawing inspiration from the 9 realms in Norse mythology, the Mətasapiens story explores a fictional neo-species from an alternate dimension. 

The collection features capsules inspired by the inhabitants of 3 intertwined worlds and their imagined cultures. It captures the unique body adornments and modifications embraced by these beings.

Discover the world of Metasapiens

The 6th World Pane


In the vast expanse of the cosmos lay a tapestry of 9 world planes. Cradled centrally was the 6th plane, Asmyrh. A verdant sphere, Asmyrh stands enveloped by rugged mountains and shrouded by misty peaks lit by moonlight.

Herein resided the Asmyrhians, guardians of The Astral Portal. Humanoid in form, the Asmyrhians were distinguished by their ancient silver armour and black robes, their eyes laced with a silvery sheen and reflecting the revered constellations above. 

The 9th World Plane


Amidst the vastness of the cosmic expanse, Erilon rises, ensconced atop all other world planes. This 9th plane, a realm of ethereal floating isles, bathes in an enigmatic cyan luminescence, radiating a celestial allure.

Its landscapes are punctuated by crystal formations which refract the sheer cyan glow, casting a dreamlike aura throughout the realm.

The 7th World Plane


Atop the celestial echelon of the 7th plane, the towering peak of Mt. Galdorath looms; a monumental volcano cradles ancient temples, labyrinths, and sacred alcoves within its slopes.

Among these hallowed edifices, library chambers brimming with age-old texts harbor celestial mysteries within the rugged crests of its volcanic facade.

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