It’s finally 2022 - which means it’s time to seek new goals, set new resolutions, and manifest new dreams for the next 12 months and beyond. If you’re planning to change up your style and try something new, then stretched ear jewelry might be just the fit for you.

Whether this is your first time stretching your ears or you’re looking to (finally) go up a gauge size, take this chance to make a decisive and adventurous statement going into the new year with some Ask & Embla pieces.

Reading an Ear Gauge Size Chart

It’s important to remember that sizes are not standardised across jewelry stores! The only real rule is the smaller the gauge number, the larger the diameter of the jewelry – be it a plug or a tunnel. Whether you’re buying alternative jewelry online or in real life, having a realistic size estimate will help you avoid pain, discomfort, and injury later on.

To help you understand what your stretched piercing might look like once it’s on you, we use a size conversion chart with gauge sizes, millimeters (mm), and inches. Using mm or inches instead of gauge sizes can help you find the right fit when picking out your next pair of plugs, tunnels or hangers – especially if this is your first foray into stretched ear jewelry.


Starting Small: 20g to 18g

Most ear lobe piercings start at 20g (0.8mm or 1/32”) or 18g (1.0mm or 5/128”). Once you start stretching a piercing, you’ll be wearing jewelry that is larger in size than your original gauge.

Keep your look exclusive with gemstone materials in a lush mix of colours. Picture the striking gold and saffron of a tiger’s wild energy, or capture the powerful energy of the sea with azure blue streaks of cool, polished stone.

Look to these simple plugs as an inspiration:

Products Featured:

Lune Mini Moon Earrings

Dex Chain Huggie Earrings

Quill Crystal Claw Earrings

Meeting in the Middle: 16g to 8g


Once your ear piercings are fully healed, you’ll be ready to go up a size to 16g (1.2mm or 3/64”). To keep your lobes healthy, it is very important to stretch gradually by waiting at least 4-6 weeks before going up to the next size, and not skipping sizes.

Get adventurous with some of our favourites.

Products Featured:

Lunar Solstice Flat Back Stud Set

14k Solid Gold Rope Clicker 

Classic Halo Hangers 

Valencia Hangers

Going Big and Bold: 6g to 00g


Once you’ve reached the 6g (4mm or 5/32") size, here’s where you can really get creative!

Larger gauge sizes mean more options for accessorising, and you can even stack tunnels with smaller hoop earrings for a look that’s truly you.

As you progress through your stretched ear jewelry journey, you can experiment with different flare types and plug shapes. Think classic teardrop styles, saddle shapes or even hangers crafted in exclusive designs.

Mesmerise those around you with stones in lustrous drops of smoke-grey, conjure up dreams of moonlit nights under the silver stars, or pay homage to your inner strength with the polished temerity of gunmetal.

Venture forward with these charming jewelry choices.

Products Featured:

Labradorite Stone Plugs 

Smoky Dragon’s Eye Plugs 

Classic Rope Hangers (2 Sizes)

Grimm Key Hangers 

Exploring the Beyond: 00g and up


00g (9/10mm) is the biggest size available when ‘g’ is still used as the a unit of measurement. Sizes beyond this are measured in mm and inches only.

With larger gauge sizes, the ear stacking possibilities are almost limitless. You can create simple stacks fit for your everyday or layer on different finishes and designs for more intricate looks.

Make a statement with selected pieces.

Products Featured:

Classic Croissant Saddle Hangers

Hark Armour Hangers 

Qora Bullet Hangers 

Embrace your Alternative Style in 2022

Gauges, tunnels, plugs, or hangers - this new year is the perfect time to rediscover a new facet to your unique style. Find new favourites amongst our latest collections, and enjoy free shipping when you hit the minimum order amount*.

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